Duty, Function And Salary Of Dog Groomers- An Overview

What do you mean by dog grooming? Do you know what the functions of dog groomers are? Before we go further in detail about dog groomer’s function we should know what is dog grooming actually. Dog grooming is a process in which dogs are taken best care regarding hygiene and cleanliness by dog groomers. Not only this, grooming is also a process where physical appearance is enhanced for showing or other types of competition if necessary. It is best job for many who earn their living grooming dogs and performing tasks related to dogs. Before joining in this job experience and education is very necessary. A little amount of formal education can make you professional dog groomers, just you need to decide whether this job is perfect for you or not and will result best career for your future or not. You need to go through and learn about education needed for dog grooming, job duties to perform regarding dog grooming and training requirements needed in this career.

Dog groomers are experienced in maintaining the appearance of all varieties of canines. To begin career in grooming they need to complete an apprenticeship program which is very important to complete or the education will be incomplete. In apprenticeship program they learn how to wash, trim and style dog hair under supervision of an experienced groomer to help them if any issue arises. All the experienced professional groomers will further demonstrate industry aptitude by earning certification. The education required to get job in this field is high school diploma standard requirement and other requirements included completion of dog grooming apprenticeship program or on-the-job training under expert supervision. Salary count for all non farm animal care takers including dog groomers earned fairly low wages of $22.510 in the year 2013. Pay varied slightly by location and industry as every place has their own rules and regulation regarding salary.

Where do dog groomers work and what are their duties? It is very important to know what are the duties related to dog groomers. Kennels, shelters, pet stores, veterinary facilities and pet owner’s homes are the places where dog groomers usually work. If you are appointed for dog grooming job your main duty and purpose regarding the same is to maintain dog’s physical appearances. Dog grooming is exactly the same as we do with ourselves. As we take care of ourselves regarding our nails, hair, eyes and skin etc. similarly in dog grooming also groomers take care of dog’s brushing and cutting the fur. Clipping nails, cleaning ears, bathing, drying and finally styling the fur in unique way are the other main purposes of groomers. Things and products used in dog grooming should be hygienic too and thus it is also one of the main duties of groomers to take care of cleaning and sanitizing combs and shears used for dogs. After taking care of all the mentioned duty they also need to schedule appointments and report issues or assessments to pet owners if any.

There are many responsibilities and duties of dog groomers and every task needs to be performed with care. Though salary is little less but task is amazing and full of enjoyment.

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