Save The Planet One Dog Toy At A Time

Doing our bit to save the planet has become a part of daily life for many of us. We have all realised over the last decade exactly how fragile our planet has become and doing our bit to help is more important than ever. But do you know that even the toys we give our furry friends can affect the environment too? If you are a dog owner, here are some tips on the dog toys you can give your pet while still protecting the environment.

Never Give Your Dog Plastic Toys

Plastic can take years to break down and contains chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Plastic releases toxins and can also be dangerous to wildlife as they often mistakenly ingest bits of plastic, mistaking it for food. On top of all this, plastic toys can also harm your dog should he accidentally swallow some of the plastic. Giving your dog a plastic toy should be avoided at all costs. It’s best to give your dog an eco-friendly dog toy via just to make sure the dog toy you choose is environmentally safe.

Make Sure Rubber Toys Are Made From Eco-Friendly Rubber

Rubber is extremely bad for the environment. It contains chemicals that can soak into the earth and water sources. These chemicals are dangerous to plants, soil and aquatic systems. Eco-friendly rubber is biodegradable and contains no harmful chemicals which mean it’s safe for the environment if you dispose of it and there are no dangerous toxins in them that could cause your dog harm either.

Give Your Dog Jute Chews

Jute fibre is completely biodegradable and does not require any chemicals to assist the growth of jute. While jute is being cultivated it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, processes that help protect our environment. The jute fabric is also completely safe for your dog which means as he’s having a good munch on his chew, it won’t cause him any harm whatsoever. Jute dog chews are becoming increasingly popular and are available from most pet stores too.

Take The Natural Wood Option

All dog owners like to give their dog treats and especially ones that are good for their teeth. Natural wood is great for dogs’ teeth and is eco-friendly. The naturally harvested wood during cultivation is graded, dried then sanded and sometimes infused with olive oil or some other natural substance.

Give Vegetarian Treats Sometimes

Plant and vegetable-based dog treats are not only a healthy option for your dog but vegetarian treats use less water and fossil fuel resources as well as contain few (if any) harmful pesticides or fertilisers. Your dog will love something different than the meat-based treats he usually gets, so giving him some veggie treats along with his meat treats will tingle his taste buds too.

It’s easy to help the environment as well as keep your dog healthy, happy and well. Implementing the above suggestions means both you and your doggie companion will be helping to save the planet and not leave so many carbon paw prints behind you.

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