Tips When Moving Your Pet Via Road | A Brief Guide

If you want to enjoy a road trip with your pet, it can be stressful. But you have to make some thoughtful preparations beforehand. This will make it comfortable for your pet while traveling by road. Even when planning to transfer your pets via road, some vital considerations can help. It will make your pet comfortable throughout the journey. Pet transfer can be challenging if you do not follow some tips to make it easy when traveling with pets. 

Never feed just before leaving 

If you can keep your pet on routine, it helps mitigate stress. But while you are to transfer pet by road, make sure that the routine adjusts with the journey. On the day of the journey, feed your pet long before the departure time. This can prevent problems of stomach upset, helping your pet to remain comfortable while traveling. So, it is suggested to give meals three hours before you travel. 

Plan alternatives for stress

If your pet is prone to stress, make sure to pay a routine visit to the vet and a thorough checkup can help while traveling. This prescribes anti-anxiety medication to keep your pet calm.  

Make break times

You have to maintain your pet’s preference and accordingly plan for break times while traveling by road. This will be comforting for you and your pet, and is it is better to stop every two to three hours.  

Limit your treats while traveling

It is better to avoid feeding your pet while in transit, and it includes chewing bones and small portions of food. Never offer too many treats as it can result in stomach upset of your pet. 

So, it is better to resist the urge to offer treats to your pet and wait for the time when you reach your destination. Feed them a properly long hour before departure that will help to maintain their stomach in good condition.  

Keep the interior of the car comfortable

While transferring by road, it is important to maintain the interior of the car. Try to clean it, ensuring proper functioning of the AC machine if traveling during summer. You can also open windows to get some fresh air. It is better not to leave your pet alone in the car. When running into a gas station, make sure to close to the windows to make it safe for your pet.   

Pack essentials in a bag 

While packing essentials for yourself, do not forget to pack one for your pet. Get the items that your pet may require during the transit. Keeping the items in one bag will be easy to find them as and when required. 

This includes food and water, leash and harness, medications, medical records, waste bags, couple toys and the like. You can inform this to the driver if you opt for one from pet transfer services like citizenshipper

Maintain suitable pet routine while traveling a long distance 

Try to maintain a normal pet routine even when you are traveling. This will be extremely comforting for your pet. Do not disrupt the feeding routine and give time as per normal routine as much as possible even while traveling. Give proper attention to make them feel comfortable when traveling. This will reduce the chance of stress and chaos while traveling, making your pet fit and stay energized throughout the journey.  

Introduce crate to your pet before the journey

If you want to carry your pet in a crate, make sure that the first day of travel is not the first time you are introducing the crate to your pet. In this case, try to introduce the crate before the travel date. This will be easy for your pet to adjust with it and stay in it for long hours with comfort. Make sure that your pet has a toy to play with in the crate. You should not force your pet to remain in the crate if you introduce it on the first day of your journey. Familiar situations and smell help the pets to lower their stress at the time of travel. This becomes less stressful for you and it helps maintain a normal routine for a pet. 

Other than the above-said tips, you can also get in touch with a professional pet transport team that can make your pet transfer an easy option. Make sure that the company has a specialization in pet transport such that it can lower your stress when traveling with your pet. The pet transport service should offer kennel and other necessary items required during transfer. With this, you have to follow the rest of the tips to make your pet transfer an easy option.  

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