Why Do Cats Need A Scratching Post?

A scratching post is an accessory your cats need, especially if they’re new to the household. This thing can help them ease their anxiety and keep their claws sharp.

This post is a must-have for any cat owner. It protects your furniture from getting ripped to pieces and helps keep cats mentally and physically active.

Whether training or socializing, a cat scratching post is essential for any pet lover.

Why Do Cats Need a Scratching Post?

Scratching posts are the best friends of cats, especially at times when they need to release all their anxiety and stress. Below are significant reasons why they badly need one:

Good for Health

Contrary to popular belief, scratching is beneficial for your cat’s claws. It helps keep them in tip-top shape and prevents them from getting damaged or dead.

Being able to scratch is also beneficial for cats. It can help them relieve tension and provide them with a sense of comfort.

Save Furniture

You might have to buy new furniture if you didn’t invest in a cat scratching post before.

Since cats love to scratch, they’ll most likely be looking for something else to do so if they don’t have a designated scratching post.

You can also make a scratching post more interesting by placing it next to their favorite scratching surface. You can also use catnip or treat to help change a cat’s behavior.


When it comes to keeping our cats happy and healthy, scratching posts are critical. They allow them to release their energy and reach for something. Their scratching post helps them feel at ease when moving into their new home.

A good one should also have toys inside it to encourage their hunting and playful side.


That’s why cats love to exercise after a long nap. They can get their exercise in by using their scratching post. It allows them to extend their front legs and pull backward.

It’s also known that scratching helps release feel-good hormones produced by the glands in cats’ paw pads. These glands are responsible for the scent cats leave behind when they scratch.

Treat your cat to a fun and relaxing cat scratching post so that they can benefit from the natural oils and nutrients in it.

Why Is Your Cat Scratching Things?

Understanding why cats scratch objects is fundamental to a peaceful relationship with them. It’s also a requirement to provide them with an alternative lifestyle.

The scent glands in a cat’s paw contain a message that it has sent to other cats. The animal deposits its scent on an object by scratching, which serves as a territorial message by marking.

It’s a good grooming behavior for cats to scratch their nails to remove the outer layer. It helps release stress and stimulates the natural healing process of their bodies.

Can the Scratching Habit of My Cat Be Dangerous?

When a cat’s behavior clashes with the desire of its human owner to keep it in a clean and secure environment, it can cause negative consequences.

Punishment for scratching is rarely effective. Instead, it can cause more pain and fear. Some cats are also released to fend for themselves outside, exposing them to diseases and injury.

What Kind of Scratching Post Should You Buy?

After learning about the various advantages of having a scratching post for your cat, it’s now time to decide which type of post will best fit your cat’s claws.

There are various factors to consider when choosing a scratching post:

  • The Height of the Scratching Post

According to a recent study, the ideal height for a cat’s scratching post can help decrease their risk of scratching behaviors. The higher the bar, the less likely your pet will engage in lower-level scratching.

  • Consider the Material

A survey conducted by Petfinder revealed that out of the 4,105 owners of cats, over 60% of them gave their pets a scratching post. Almost 60% of them went for wood, while the others used rope or cardboard.

Most people said that their cat prefers to use a rope scratching post instead of a traditional one, as sisal provides a better surface for scratching.

  • Orientation Is Important

A survey revealed that most pet parents would like to see vertical scratch posts on their cats’ play areas.

Although vertical and horizontal scratchers are generally the same, they can be helpful in different cats. For instance, if a senior cat has joint pain, a horizontal scratcher can help alleviate the discomfort.


There are a variety of ways that you can help your cat relieve its need for scratching without compromising on the items that are important to you. Having a good scratching surface is very important for your cat, as it can teach them to leave your furniture alone.

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