Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Cat Healthy!

As hilarious as it sounds, it does point out to the fact how much our feline friends need our attention. Cats are amazing pets to have around. They are active, unique, and interesting in their way. Spending time with pets reduces our stress and help us relax. But, the misconception of the cats being “less-maintenance” is common among people. 

That has led to an increase in health issues among cats, starting with emotional and physical stress. For a healthy cat, a healthy environment is necessary. And for a healthy environment, lots of affection and care is needed. Here are five tips for you that will assist you in keeping your cat healthy.

Groom Your Cat

This is a very basic yet effective way to keep your cat healthy. Like any other relationship, cats need affection. They need to feel special. And grooming him or her regularly is the best way you can do that.

  • Brush your cat regularly: Daily removal of loose hair from the cat’s fur will help to avoid hairball. But don’t you think that he or she will easily let you do it. It is best to associate it with a happy moment for the cat, like food. That way, every time you brush your cat, they know something delicious is arriving.
  • Keep your cat’s teeth healthy: Unlike humans, cats can’t brush. But dental hygiene is important for every animal. Ask your vet for advice on how to keep their teeth healthy.

Keep Your Cat Active

Cat’s are natural predators. That’s why if they are lazy, that’s a sign of bad news. The first step is ruling out the possibilities of illness, and a trip to the vet is the best solution for that. Next comes the exercises. You may have to shake your wallet to invest in the right toys and food for your cat.

Please spend some time with your cat and play with him or her. You can play games such as fetch and let your cat run around the house. Or maybe, let them catch the laser point. Also, make sure your house has enough scratching posts. That will help them vent their frustrations, as well as keep your furniture safe.

Diet Regulations

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet. That’s common for both humans and animals. Here is what you can do to ensure that your cat stays healthy.

  • Canned Food: Cats are carnivores. Thus, meat and animal protein are essential for their growth. Canned cat foods are the best choice. They are not dry like kibbles and other cat food and adds variation to his or her diet.
  • Careful with homemade food: Cats cannot eat some of the food like us. And their nutrition requirement also differs from that of a human. Cooking for your feline friend is a great idea, but make sure to ask your vet for what will be best for your cat.
  • Amount of food: Ask your vet for the ideal amount and frequency of food you should feed your cat.
  • Cat’s weight: Healthy cats will eat as many times as you feed them. But that is not healthy and will make them overweight. Keep your pet’s weight in check. Sometimes, your cat goes without food. If this happens frequently, try changing the brand or consult the vet.
  • Hydration: Always keep your pet hydrated. Make sure that drinkable water is available for him/her at all times and within his/her reach.

Litter Troubles

Training a cat to use the litter box is a hassle. Here are a few ways that may help your cat in using the litter box.

  • Have enough: Make sure you have enough litter boxes for the size of your house. You don’t want your cat to make long trips to use the littler box, because he/she won’t.
  • Have in a quiet place: Make sure it’s in a quiet place. Even cats like their peace-time.
  • Reachable for cat: Don’t place the litter box in a basement or place that is hard for your cat to reach.
  • Away from the feeding area: Keep the litter box and feeding bowl of your cat away. Nobody likes eating near the toilet. And cats love food more than the litter box.

Cat-Friendly Vet

Vets that are cat friendly are the best for cats. They are specialists and will understand the needs of your cat to give you better advice. Make regular trips to the vet and always consult them. It is best for you and the cat you love.

Bonus: Cautions

Here is a list of few things you must never do.

  • Do not feed him/her your food.

Human food, such as chocolate, caffeine, dairy products, grapes, resins, onion, garlic, chives, yeast, etc. are toxic to cats.

  • Do not assume your cat’s behavior.

When you notice a change in his or her behavior, could you not assume the reason for it? Best if you take advice from the vet.

  • Do not leave your cat alone in a car.

In a car, in a carrier, cats get uncomfortable pretty easily and may die. Don’t travel with your cat of you don’t intend to take him or her in with you.

  • Do not ignore the needs of your cat.

If your cat reaches out to you, do not ignore it. Feed him or her on time and keep the litter boxes clean.


Cats are prideful animals. Hence, if they acknowledge your affection, they will return it. They might give you a gift from a hunt (like a dead bird) or try to physically get close to you (like resting near you or on your lap). It is best to sit back and enjoy it. After all, you have worked hard for it.

About the author: Linda Butts

Hey, I’m Linda Butts, the girl behind Pawsome Talk. With my, I hope to share the ideas and techniques from my personal experiences of what I have done with my pet research and what I love about pets and their lives. I expect to help you feel at ease if you start to make a friendship with your pet while you enjoy your journey. Please don’t be shy to ask me when you need to help or out of the idea. Let’s ask and share what you’ve got.


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