Dog Treats 101: Healthy Treats For Your Beagle

Don’t know what’s in your dog treats? Want healthy and safe options for your adorable puppy? Stop wondering what treats are healthiest for dogs. Everything you need is either in your refrigerator or the produce section in the grocery store.

That’s right. Natural food like fruits and vegetables that are good for you are healthy for your beagle too.

Break free of the uncertainty and follow our guide on the healthiest treats for your beagle.

Who Are Beagles?

Beagles are a breed of small scent hounds. Their size, happy-go-lucky personalities, and general adorableness mean they make great family dogs. However, they can be stubborn. The good news is, they love food, especially treats. So, the next time you want to coax your beagle to follow a command, you know what’s going to work as a motivator. A treat!

Wondering what treats are healthiest for dogs? We got you. Here’s a list of vegetables and fruits your beagle will absolutely love (and come back for more!)

10 Healthiest Treats For Your Beagle:-

  • Green Beans

Since green beans are a great source of fibre, humans are not the only ones that can benefit from eating them. Yes, they make the perfect healthy treat for your beagle too. So the next time you want to reach for a chew stick, try a green bean instead.

Raw, Steamed Or Boiled With No Seasoning Is The Safest Way To Serve Veggies To Your Dog. 

  • Carrot Sticks

Carrot sticks are one of the most commonly found vegetables in kitchens worldwide. Not only are they available throughout the year, but they’re also versatile and can go with pretty much anything you’re serving. Since they’re loaded with beta carotene and other essential vitamins your beagle can benefit from, switch his typical packaged treat with bite-sized carrot chunks.

  • Watermelon

Watermelons have high water content. They’re refreshing, delicious, and low fat! Want a great summer treat for your beagle? De-seed, cut into small bite-sized chunks, and freeze!

  • Cantaloupe

Your beagle will simply love cantaloupe popsicles! Simply blend the fruit (sans the seeds and rind), mix with yoghurt, and freeze in moulds.

  • Apples

Apples are full of fiber, phytonutrients, and vitamins like A and C. Despite the reservations surrounding apples, they’re safe for dogs as long as you remember to remove the core and the seeds.

  • Pears

Sweet, juicy, and crunchy. What’s not to like about pears? They also have a healthy amount of Vitamin C, copper, fibre, magnesium, and potassium—all good things for dogs! Serve in moderation (they’re treats, not meals!) and remove the core and seeds.

  • Meat

Chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, etc.—whatever source of protein you choose to go with, it’s safe and healthy for your beagle. Remember to use lean cuts and bake or dehydrate for easy storing and long shelf-life.

  • Sweet Potatoes

They’re another safe, healthy, and delicious snack for a beagle. They do come with a caveat, though—don’t serve them raw, not even bite-sized chunks, as they can irritate your beagle’s intestines.

  • Banana

Bananas are loaded with healthy nutrients, which makes them a good treat for your beagle. All parts of a banana—peel, seeds, fruit—are completely safe for your dog.

Moderation Is Key As Bananas Are High In Sugar Which Can Do Your Beagle More Harm Than Good.

  • Raspberries

Raspberries contain anthocyanins, which have the potential to protect your beagle against gastrointestinal cancer. They’re also high in fibre and low in calories. As they’re small and have no harmful bits, they’re no-fuss treats. All you have to do is wash them.

With our list, you no longer have to wonder what human foods can beagle eat?

Nutrients Required For A Beagle

A beagle’s nutritional needs differ according to its age and weight. An adult beagle will typically weigh between 25-30 pounds. Depending on their activity levels, they will need between 500-900 calories in a day. Puppies are more active and have development needs, necessitating a greater calorie intake per day.

Whether you choose to give your beagle dry, canned or homemade food, ensure that their nutritional needs are met. Reading packaging labels to understand feeding guidelines, nutritional value and ingredients are the best way to ensure that your beagle is getting the nutrients he requires from his meals. If you’re unsure of what ingredients should be included in packaged pet food, look for real meat, healthy fats, and no fillers and additives.

If you feed your dog homemade food, then follow the recommended ratio of protein (40%): fats (20%): carbohydrates (30%).

You can achieve this balance by mixing meat (40%) with grains (25%), fruits (10%) and vegetables (25%).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What Should You Not Feed A Beagle?

A: You should avoid feeding your beagle chocolates, macadamia nuts, cookies, raisins, spices, onions, garlic, salt, oil, seeds, rinds, and sugar substitutes.

Q: What Should You Feed A Beagle?

A: You should feed your beagle a diet that’s both animal and plant-based. This includes meat, fish, tuna, baby carrots, spinach, green beans, potatoes, plain rice, oatmeal, raspberries, strawberries, and yoghurt.

Q: What Are Beagles Favourite Treats?

A: The one thing beagles don’t do is discriminate when it comes to food. They’ll gobble anything you give them.

Q: What Human Food Is Good For Beagles?

A: Beagles can safely enjoy most human food—lean meats, dairy, eggs, yoghurt, and an assortment of fruits and veggies.

Q: How Much Should A Beagle Eat Daily?

A: A beagle puppy is more energetic than an adult puppy and will require twice as much food to maintain optimum health. In general, one cup of dry food served in two meals is sufficient for an adult beagle.

Q: Do Beagles Need Supplements?

A: Beagles, like other dogs, get their essentials from their food. However, very young or senior beagles will require some supplements. Depending on your beagle’s medical history, age, fitness and activity levels, and diet, your vet will recommend supplements to address any deficiencies.

Final Thoughts:-

You’re in charge of your beagles’ health. Make conscious diet decisions, and get creative in the kitchen with all-natural treats and you’ll never have to wonder what treats are healthiest for dogs!  You’ll also have one happy, healthy puppy by your side.

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