The Best Dog Food For Puppies

You need feed special dog foods to your puppies. This helps to support their growth and development.  Normally, these foods offer more calories than adult food. All puppy foods have to meet the standards for nutrition requirements. But not all of them are equally wholesome. It’s important to provide your puppies the proper foods with the proper ingredients in order to help them grow up healthy as well as strong. Keep reading to get more information about the best dog food for puppies. 

How to Look For the Best Dog Food For Puppies 

Choose  foods designed for development and growth

There are two nutritional profiles of AAFCO including one for adult maintenance and one for growth and development. The foods designed for development and growth have to contain the proper proportion of protein, carbs, fats,  minerals, moisture, carbs, as well as vitamins for growing puppies. Also, they have to be available in 22 percent protein and  8 percent fat.

Find foods with healthy carbohydrate sources

Your dog doesn’t need too much carb for energy. It’s best to choose complex carbs. You can’t choose a dog food based on starchy carbs with minimal nutritional value. It’s great to choose foods without grains. But, some foods include healthy grains such as oats, brown rice, or quinoa.

Don’t choose dog foods with unnecessary preservatives, colors, or additives

Your dog may be sensitive to colors as well as artificial preservatives. In fact, not foods containing chemical spray-on flavors are healthy.

Steps To Choosing The Best Food For Your Dog

Determine your dog’s age, breed, activity, and  reproductive status

They are important characteristics when you choose the best appropriate dog foods for your pet. It’s essential to add your puppies and lactating mothers more calories each day. On the contrary, senior pets need fewer calories.  If you choose the right type as well as a number of dog foods, you can help your pet prevent health issues due to obesity.

Know the information on food package

You may not know the actual wording on the package shows the amount of any one protein found in the dog food. For example, “Beef for Dogs” or “Chicken Dog Food” name express that the food contains 95% protein of the total product without the water content. And, the “Chicken Stew Dinner” or “Salmon Dinner for Dogs” label just come with  25% of the protein.  If you see the word cheese or salmon on the label, these foods just contain 3% of that ingredient.

Is grain-free right for your dog?

If your dog is sensitive to grains, or he has a food allergy, the thing you need to do is see your vet right now. These foods are not great for all dogs. In order to know if your dog has a food allergy or not, you need to excessive licking of the paws, vomiting, scratching, or diarrhea. Sure these signs can help you to get the answer.

Check the nutritional adequacy

The important thing to consider before buying a dog food product is the AAFCO statement on the back. In fact, this statement helps us to know that the food comes with the nutritional value.

Do your homework on the brand you choose

The last thing is choosing a brand of food your pet is keen on. Now, it’s time to do some research on the manufacturer. This purposes to control the quality as well as appropriate sourcing of ingredients. It’s not important to list these things on the label of dog foods. However, it’s essential to contact a representative if there are any questions you can’t answer through the package.


As a pet owner, the most important thing you need to do is choosing a high-quality well-balanced food for your dog. This helps to keep your dog healthy. With a healthy dog food, you can also keep your dog’s hair coat sleek as well as shiny. In addition, it can strengthen your dog’s immune system. Moreover, it’s perfect to keep the digestive system in a good status. In fact, there are a lot of choices when choosing a dog food. Hope our information mentioned in this post can help you in choosing the right dog food for your puppies.

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