Popular Betta Fish Types That You Should Have Today

Betta fish consider as superstars among the aquarium trade. Many fish lovers like their beautiful tail and vivid color pattern. Betta fish classification is not easy, and that classification is based on the color pattern and tail pattern of fish. Over the years of crossbreeding, aquarists have created Betta fish with amazing color and tail patterns. Among all betta fish types, there are few ranked as the most popular.

  1. Giant Betta 

Giant betta fish is known for its large size. When compare with other Betta fish, this variety is enormous in size. They are 2 -2.5 inches in size when they mature and can grow upto 7 inches. Giant betta is a result of extensive selective breeding of larger size betta varieties over time. This large fish comes with various beautiful colors, including red, blue, brown, and black.

  1. The crowntail Betta

This betta fish variety is young compared to other varieties. It first bred in Indonesia 25 years ago. The striking eye-catching feature of this Betta fish is its long spiky, crown appearance fin. There is another similar Betta type known as combtail fish, and its tail webbing reached more than 2/3 up in the tail. 

  1. Elephant ear Betta

These amazing fish have a big pectoral fin with brilliant, striking body colorations. The name comes from its elephant ear like pectoral fins. In the wild, their coloration is a bit dull such as dark green, grey, and brown. But in aquariums, you can find beautiful colored varieties such as bright blue, turquoise, yellow and red. 

  1. Halfmoon Betta

Halfmoon Betta is listed among the most prettiest Betta species. When expanding their caudal fin cover 180 angels and it is very beautiful to look at. They can grow up to 2 inches and can live up to 2 – 4 years with very good care. Halfmoon fish comes with a great variety of colors ranging from brilliant red, blue, green, and orange. 

  1. Rosetail betta

Resetail is similar to halfmoon betta. Rosetail has been bread to have a 180-degree spread of fin. When they spread their caudal and dorsal fin, it looks like rose petals, and that’s how the name comes from. Although rosetails have been around since the late 80’s they are considered a new variety and have only recently become popular.

  1. Veiltail Betta

These betta fish have a downward swooping tail. The corporation can be different and remarkable. The female veiltail does not show any interesting coloration or tail pattern. Female veil tail typically has lighter coloration and a short tail.

Betta fish are considered as low maintenance fish by many. The reason for that is their air-breathing ability due to the labyrinth organ. Although they can breathe in a low oxygen environment, they cannot survive in a poorly maintained aquarium. Betta fish are susceptible to fish diseases as same as other fish species. Therefore taking good care of your tank is the major point you have to keep in mind.

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