Unique Products For Pet Lovers

I am a huge animal lover! I am the proud father of two dogs, with my wife, which is why I’m always on the hunt for fun animal products that we can enjoy. Recently, I found three hugely fun sites on social media, that I’d like to share with you all, because I believe they’ll be of interest to all of you pet owners as well. 

The first is the awesome site Tailthreads and I landed upon them while scrolling through Twitter the other day. They are a clothing company that offers a large selection of t-shirts, hoodies and tanks featuring funny and relatable pet images, jokes and quotes. You are sure to find one that reminds you of your fur baby, or makes you roll over with laughter. They even offer home accessories like custom pillows, which you can have your pet’s face printed onto. 

I particularly love the custom animal face socks and with these, you can put a picture of your pet’s head on a pair of warm and cozy socks. I was so excited when I saw these that I immediately ordered a pair with my dog Tucker’s face on them. In addition, they have a ton of patterns and colors to choose from…I picked the Paws and Bones pattern in teal. After they arrived, I just had to start wearing them, because they are THAT good! My Tucker’s face is printed all over each sock, along with the fun Paw and Bones pattern. Exceptionally high-quality, they are made in the USA, which makes me love them even more! 

These are great for any animal lover and make for a fantastic gift for any of your pet loving friends and family. For my mom’s birthday next month, I’m gifting her a pair with a picture of her cat Francis on them. Of course, these are bound to be appreciated for any other special occasion, like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or a holiday gift.

The second site that grabbed my attention was Classic Horror Shop. When I saw their ad on Facebook, I couldn’t help but stop to take a look at their products. If you click into their page, you’ll know why. They sell costumes, masks, collectables, and other merchandise based on classic horror franchises like Beetlejuice, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Gremlins, Child’s Play, Friday The 13th and many more. However, what makes them truly special is their super cute and scary-ish costumes for dogs!

Check these photos out and be prepared to swoon. These are perfect for your next Halloween party, or even just to have some fun around the house at any time of the year. I ordered the Walking Pennywise costume after seeing a hysterical video of a dog striding towards the camera wearing it. It was so cute, I just couldn’t resist! You can even coordinate your next Halloween costume with your pet’s, which I am certain is a dream come true for many of you out there!

The third company, PawprintsHQ, was a lucky Instagram find. They posted a story of a cool new product that I had never seen before. PawprintsHQ offers custom cat headscustom dog cardboard cutouts (or standups), and custom pawprint stickers. According to their website, PawprintsHQ was launched to help owners express their love for their pets and keep them close, even when they are physically separated. Their life-size pet prints can be taken anywhere, including work, weddings, college, or travels. In addition to custom pet heads, PawprintsHQ offers custom pet body cutouts, keychains, and expressive pawprint stickers. In addition to creating custom pet cutouts, customers can also order stock body or head cutouts of various breeds of catsdogs, as well as several other animals. 

This site works perfectly for pet lovers who wish to share life’s most precious moments with their pets, without physical limitations. A perfect example would be if you had to move from a job that allows pets in the office to a job that does not. With a cardboard cutout or vinyl wall sticker of your dog, you will feel more connected to your beloved pet.

There you have it…a few cool finds that cater to animal lovers like us. Whether you have a cat, a dog, a bird, a hamster, or a pig (or you know someone who does), you will be able to find a great product for yourself or the perfect gift for someone else. Celebrate the amazing family members that we call pets! 

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