5 Things To Arrange Before Placing Your Pets In Care

As a pet owner, the comfort and safety of your pet majorly influence most of the decisions you make. Seeing as pets are primarily dependent on their caregivers, extra measures should be taken to ensure that they receive optimal care at all times, especially in your absence. 

Therefore, there are certain things you must put in place before you can leave your pet in someone else’s care. These things include;

A caregiver for your pet

Seeing as you cannot leave your pet to survive on their own, you need a willing carer. Your pet sitter might be a friend or relative who does not mind the extra work. You might also decide to employ the services of a professional pet-sitter. 

Regardless of which option you choose to go with, you must make the arrangements in advance. A pet carer should have been employed at least one week before you are scheduled to leave. This measure is to ensure that you have enough time to take care of any sudden cancellations.

Get your pets medically fit

It is crucial to ensure that your pets are as healthy as they can be before leaving them with a carer. Not only will this enhance their comfort, but you will also be assured that your pet is not in any danger, save for emergencies. 

Therefore, you should ensure that their vaccines are up-to-date and all necessary treatments have been taken care of. You can also choose to leave medications such as allergy drugs for the carer, complete with detailed instructions on the correct dosage. Leave the contact information of your vet as well.

Means of identification

There is a risk, whether slight or significant, of your pet getting lost, so it is advisable to have several methods of identification that will help you recover them quickly. You can place an engraved identification tag that contains all your contact information on their collar. 

You can also decide to microchip your cat or dog. You should provide current contact information for the carer. A detailed photograph of your pet containing any unique markings should be provided along with registration details for animal shelters, if available.

Provide all essentials

Whoever you leave your pet with, you have to ensure they have all the supplies your pet will need. 

These essentials include;

  • Appropriate beds, sheets and blankets with spares included
  • Food and treats
  • Toys for use indoors and outdoors
  • Grooming equipment such as brushes, shampoo and scissors
  • Medications

If your pet is going to be cared for in your home, you should leave these items in plain sight of the carer. You can also include cleaning equipment like mops, vacuum cleaners, cleaning solution and disinfectant.

Ensure compatibility

Let your pet spend a few hours in the company of their carer while you are present to determine if they are compatible. You can invite the sitter to your home so you can get a feel of them in your pet’s comfort zone. You can also ask them on a walk with your pet and note how they interact with each other. 

It is essential to establish competence on the part of the sitter as you do not want to leave your pet in a stressful and uncomfortable situation.

Whether you intend to be gone for a day or two weeks, putting all measures in place to ensure the comfort of your pet will help to ease your worries and leave your pet well cared for.

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