Winter Do’s And Don’ts: How To Keep Your Horse Warm In Winter?

If you have horses as pets then, in that case, you should plan a lot of from the very beginning in order to keep them healthy and fit during winters. There are some specific winter-care tips for horses that you need to follow on a sincere note. It is on the basis of the proper faecal analysis that appropriate conditions are decided for horses in winter. Care should be started before the coming of winter only so that horses can receive the best impacts at the chilled months. 


  • Heavyweight turnout rug perfect for winter is truly a great option for keeping your horses warm during extremely chilled seasons. These rugs produce a lot of heat and thus your horses can stay comfortable without shivering in cold winds. 
  • Thickest coats for winters can also be used for keeping the horses safe in winters. Horse coats are specially woven so that their body warmth gets perfectly preserved. These coals will allow healthy insulation without bringing any unwanted suffocation. 
  • Exercising in winters can help in restoring body warmth and in this case, special kinds of exercising blankets should be used for horses. Cold and tight muscles can bring injuries to your horses and these injuries can be easily kept away by using exercising blankets. 
  • Horses should be given enough water so that they can remain hydrated throughout the winter season. Hays of good quality need to be fed so that they can get a great digestion. Good food and water will keep the health of your house good in winters with a higher immunity. 
  • Horses should be always kept in open and fresh air so that they can breathe properly without any hassle. 
  • Hoof-care is very much essential in winters. Hooves need to be cleaned and covered so that they can be protected nicely against cold. 


  • Horses should be fed according to their health condition and immunity strength. Never overfeed or poor feed them ever rather you should maintain a proper measurement.
  • Many people think that any kind of winter blanket can protect horses from cold but this is not correct. Horses are in need of specialised blankets and thus you have to make proper research about them.
  • Coldwater should not be offered to horses rather horses should be allowed to drink only warm water so that their digestive system remains healthy. 
  • Horses should not be kept in the open air during winter as snowfall might occur at any point in time. Sudden snowfall might affect the health of the horses badly. 

Winter is a very crucial time not only for humans but for animals as well. Horse-lovers should consult with experts in order to learn about the best horse-care tips in winter. Horses should be cared and protected well in winters so that they can survive healthily for a longer period of time 

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