Cutest Looking House Dog Breeds Around The Planet

Doggies are the most adorable and loved pets and are customarily found ones in almost every second house. Dog lovers spend lots and lots of bucks on their beloved species. People like to experiment their lives and houses with different and winning breeds. Enormous breeds of mutt are found around the world some with the cutest presentation. Today I am going to give you the information on world’s most winsome and endearing dog breeds.

1.         Beagle: Beagle is short-legged, medium-sized pet originated in Great Britain. It is a very intelligent breed with amazing smell instinct. They are majorly used for tracking purposes. Good with the temperament and friendly nature, Beagle turns out to be a great pet.

2.      Bichon Frise: Originated in Spain, Bichon is a one amongst the cutest dogs found on the earth. This breed is very gentle and sensitive. Due to their playful nature they are the most loved ones of their masters. They have a life-span of approximate 15 years.

3.      Chow-Chow: Clearly from its name, this breed is originated in China. Very sweet and well-behaved dogs. They are very much protective about their masters and are great pets. One thing to make sure before buying a Chow-Chow that they are very lazy dogs and you have to create entertaining environment by yourself as they will least help you in doing that.

4.      Pomeranian: Also known as Pom-Pom justifies its name earnestly. These are very hairy and cute looking dogs just like a soft-toy in your drawing-room. Originated in Germany, Pom is commonly found in most houses. They are extremely friendly and lively pet.

5. Shar Pei: A very sweet wrinkled breed originated in China. They are short-tempered and very protective. If adopted with training, they can prove to be of great lose. They have comparatively short life span.

6. St. Bernard:  St. Bernard is a giant looking dog breed originated from Italy. They can also be easily found in most of the houses. Although it is a friendly breed but its appearance can scare the hell out of anyone. They must be trained behavior with the passerby and the unfamiliar crowd. St. Bernard puppies are although the most affectionate dogs.

7. Yorkshire terrier: Emanated in the country of Yorkshire, this is a small dog breed with a life span of 10-15 years. They are the attention seeker, overprotective and pampered pets. Very hairy and soft doggie mostly found in women laps.

8. Bearded Collie: The breed is from Scotland. Exceptionally hairy and cool dogs with a life span of 10 to 12 years. It is a mixed breed. Commonly found house breed in United States.

9. Coton de Tulear: Emanated from France, Extraordinarily cute and happy pets found on the planet earth. Carries itself smartly because of its happening looks they are very conscious pets. They are the most loved ones from their masters. This toy type breed will increase the charisma of your house. Although it is a healthy breed but heart disorders can commonly be found in them.

Some of the most affectionate breeds I have tried and subject in this topic. Hope it will be helpful for the readers.

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