Boston Terrier Dog Breed Information And Characteristics

From its appearance about a century and a half ago to the present day, the Boston Terrier has become one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and one of the few genuinely North American.

Created from crosses between Bulldogs and terriers of English origin, the Boston terrier was originally conceived to participate in dog fighting competitions.

However, that violent past has already been forgotten and today it is one of the kindest and most affectionate dogs that exist. An ideal and affectionate companion.

What is the character of the Boston terrier breed like?

The Boston terrier is a fun, intelligent and affectionate dog, with a smooth and balanced temperament. They can regularly be incredibly stubborn, so patience and firmness are two tools we must always keep in mind when educating them.

Paradoxically, the sharp intelligence of the Boston terrier can be a negative trait. Often he will try to manipulate us and use his charm to get caresses, rewards or to avoid reproaches for his bad behavior.

But despite everything, this small, cheerful and affectionate dog is a wonderful companion and a lovable member of the family who enjoys the company of children and does not stop doing mischief. Their bodily expressions are funny and shocking.

Physical characteristics of the Boston terrier dog

Although small, barely 30 cm tall at the withers and weighing 6 to 7 kg, the Boston terrier’s body is robust and compact, with a proud presence accentuated by its broad, low-cut thorax, short tail, and muscular legs. .

The Boston terrier’s hair is smooth and shiny, with a very fine texture, black or brindle in color, with white spots that can appear on the muzzle, chest, forehead and legs. The Boston terrier’s coat, whose shape and color resemble that of a tuxedo, has earned it the nickname of American Gentleman.

Greater than the top one. But above all, it is their large and beautiful separated eyes, which give the Boston terrier that charming expression so characteristic, the most prominent feature.

It is a clean dog that hardly loses hair and does not usually smell bad. Well cared for and fed, their average lifespan is around 12 years.

Recommended care for the Boston terrier breed

Boston terrier care is relatively straightforward. We only have to worry about brushing and bathing him once a week, using a dry powder shampoo and a damp cloth. This care is important because your skin tends to dry out and flake off easily.

You have to be very careful with their eyes, large and prominent, and check them from time to time in search of any possible sign of redness or irritation that may indicate a possible infection, such as conjunctivitis, very prone in this breed.

When it comes to eating, you can become very gluttonous, so it is important to control your diet and monitor your tendency to be overweight. The Boston terrier is not a good swimmer and does not protect itself in the water, so we must be very careful if we go with it to the beach or the pool.

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