Should You Get A German Shepherd Puppy?

German shepherds are such great dogs, but training a German shepherd puppy are not easy, either. Many people think that because this breed is such popular breeds, and really smart breeds, this is the ideal puppy to get. However, these dogs don’t come trained. Especially, if you are adopting a puppy. You should make sure that you are ready for the challenges that come with a German Shepherd puppy before you decide to get a German Shepherd dog. These dogs can be great, but just if you know how to raise and train a German Shepherd. With this guide, you will know if a German Shepherd is the best dog for you.

German Shepherds and small children

On television and the internet, we are always seeing how great German Shepherds puppies are with children. However, this is something that you should be careful of.

They might be great with children, and small children, but there is one thing that you should know. These puppies are hard players. They like playing rough and bites hard. This can hurt small children easily. You should learn this puppy that biting humans are not allowed. Right from the start.  Then, you will have a dog that will always protect your children.

Only purchase from breeders with experience

Backyard breeders aren’t the best place to purchase your German Shepherd puppy. You should make sure that you are going to purchase or adopt your puppy from breeders with experience and that have a good record.

You want to make sure that the puppy is in good condition and healthy. That the parents are healthy as well. You can ask to check their records of dogs bred there before. And, if the puppy is really cheap, then you should be warned. German shepherds are great family dogs, but only if they are bred pure and have a great bloodline. Then, you and your family will enjoy your new addition to the family.

Shy German Shepherd dogs

Any good German Shephard isn’t shy. They like playing, see what you are doing, and is always playing. Active and healthy German Shephard puppies are the best ones to choose. You should make sure that your puppy is happy at your home. Shy and anxiety puppies will become aggressive later on. And, this can become really dangerous for you and your family.

This is why you should make sure that the puppy you are choosing is fun to play with, and not show signs of shyness or anxiety.

They lose hair a lot

If you have anyone in your home that is allergic to hair, then you should really be careful of getting this breed. They are losing hair all the time, everywhere. This is something serious that you should consider before you can get a German Shepherd puppy. Especially, if you are going to have the puppy in the home.

This is one of the negative things about having a German Shepherd. Their hair is everywhere. However, this is one of the few negative things about having this breed. Many other good qualities are making up for this problem.

German Shepherds are playful

You need to know that German Shepherds are playful. And, that they are really active. You need to spend a lot of time with them, making sure that they are getting rid of their energy. This is a great thing if you are an active person and want a dog that will do all your activities with you.

German Shepherd puppies are just as active. And, if they aren’t getting the right attention, they are going to destroy your home. And, everything inside your home as well. This is why they are making such great family dogs for active families with a yard to play in.

German Shepherd puppies are cute, and they can become great family dogs. However, the one thing that you should know is that there are a couple of things that you should make sure about, is if this is a breed for you and your family. They are great dogs but can be hard work to train and to teach correctly. However, with that said, if you have the patience and experience, a German Shepherd will be a great addition to any active family.

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