Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Dog

Thinking about getting yourself a dog? The man’s best friend can indeed be a great addition to the family. However, before you do so, do ask yourself the following questions:

Am I Looking at an Online Puppy Scam?

Most Aussies, when they want a dog, they look up listings online. If you see a listing for kelpie puppies for sale on a site like Facebook, it’s important to stop and think whether you are falling for an online scam. When buying, always look for reputable sellers. You can always adopt from a shelter as well. Educate yourself about avoiding online puppy scam before getting a dog.

Do I have Time to Take Care of the Dog?

Owning a dog is a major responsibility that requires a lot of time. Dogs are not cats, they don’t entertain themselves. If you own a dog, you will have to spend considerable amounts of time taking care of it. You will have to walk it, bathe it, take it to the vet, play with it, and more. If you don’t have the time for looking after your dog because of other commitments, then you probably shouldn’t get a dog.

Will a High Energy Dog Survive My Home or Apartment?

Dog’s individuality and breed type make it suitable (or unsuitable) for living in confined environments like homes and apartment. For example, if you are getting a German shepherd, it’s best if your house has a yard where the dog can run and play. High energy dogs, like border collies, require outdoor space to run around. There are definitely low-energy dogs who are suited for living in apartments. Before you get a dog, consider whether the breed is suited for living in the type of home that you live in.

Will the Dog Tolerate the Weather Where I Live?

Don’t forget the normal temperatures where you live when getting a dog. Some breeds can tolerate hot weather, while others cannot. If you live in the outback, for example, where the weather can be quite harsh, it’s best to get an Australian breed known to tolerate high heat. Most Australians get mixed breed dogs who can survive both hot and cold weather. However, it’s best to ask an expert or a vet whether the dog breed you have in mind can thrive in the environment where you live.

Am I Ready to Train a Dog?

Some dogs require obedience training. If you get a puppy, you will have to train it from the start. Toilet training can be quite frustrating for puppies. If you get an adult dog, it’s already probably trained in some basic skills. Still, even older dogs will require teaching some commands. If you are unable to train the dog, just don’t expect to own a well-behaved dog.

Do I have the Money for Vet Care?

Dogs require routine vet care. In some cases, dogs can get seriously sick and will require expensive procedures. In any case, your financial situation should be comfortable enough to support vet care for a dog, including emergency care. If you just don’t make enough or cannot save for vet care, then you might want to wait until your financial situation stabilized to own a dog.

Before you get a dog, think about whether your current lifestyle, location, job, finances, or the place where you live, is suited for owning a dog. A good pet owner is first responsible. Therefore, make sure you can properly take care of a pet before you buy or adopt.

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