11 Ways In Keeping Dogs Entertained

If you are working away from home in a daily basis, it is definitely a struggle as you leave your little fur babies away. You would not be able to do their regular routines, walking, play time, or even physically feeding them. The thought of that really stresses a pet owner.  

However, although a lot of pet owners suffers from that thought there are still as amazing and effective ways you can your protection dogs entertained. You can basically hire someone, or asks a family member to look after them, you can also have surveillance cameras to keep an eye on them and audios to talk with them… and a whole lot more.

Today, this blog will talk about the 11 ways on how to keep dog entertained while at work or away from home. Here it goes…

1. Hire a Dog Walker

Hiring a dog walker can be a good thing especially if you want to maintain the regular routine if your pet when you are at work. Dog walking is essential in keeping your dog’s health, and it also keeps them away from stress.

Your dog walker can just go to your house at a time of a dog walk and then walk your pet around the park or in the neighborhood.

2. Schedule a playdate

Dogs are also like humans, so it is best that you let them go around and see other companions such as your friend, or a family who also owns pets. Allow the dogs to play with each other, this is what a playdate sometimes means.

3. Bring them to Dog Daycares

Bringing them to the daycare is definitely the best thing. There are a lot of daycares for dog today, so you wouldn’t have a hard time to find one near your place or your workplace.

At the daycare, they can feed dogs, walk dogs, give them playtime or cuddle time. Which assures you that while you are away, your dog is definitely doing great and fine.

4. Turn on the Television

You can also let your dog watch animal channel, or pet channel on your television while you are away. Dogs easily get entertained when they hear the sounds and sees the movements of other animal. However, this shouldn’t become an daily and only option since, overtime, it can bore your pets too.

5. Make an Ice Cube

Dogs definitely love to play with water and ice. To keep them entertained, you can leave a frozen toy or treat. All you need to do is place a toy inside an ice cream container, out water up to the brim and freeze it.

6. Rotate Your Dog’s Toy

Your pet has surely a set of favorite toys. our pet surely has a favorite set of toys. If you want to keep them entertained, you can hide and rotate the toys in all parts of the house to keep them busy and occupied.

7. Organize a Food Puzzle

A food puzzle is an effective way to keep your dog entertained and busy at home. You can leave traces of his favorite food and treats around the house. Spread them anywhere to make it seem like it’s making a trail.

8. Leave Chewable Toys

You can also leave toys that are design for your dog’s chewing. You can place those near the dog’s safe haven or sleeping area. But, make sure that these toys are really designed for chewing. Make sure that it is not your pair of shoes or your favorite Gucci Bag.

9. Give a Way to Peak

You can utilize your windows or fences to make it easier for your dogs to peak outside. But  if a window is too high to reach, place something that will enable your dog to reach and the window.

10. Make Him a Sprinkler Fountain

Since you will be away, make sure that he has accessible water fountain at home. You may choose to install a mini sprinkler or fountain in your backyard or garden. Water keeps them entertained and cooled, so a fountain can be a good entertainer for them.

11. Keep Your Dog Calm

When your dog is in his lone time, anxiety and stress is something usual. To avoid that from happening, you can leave scents that will let your dog feel more at home or that makes him feel you are with him. You can also leave your shirt.

Final Thoughts

So that’s it! Those are the 11 ways on how to keep dogs entertained while at work. Always remember that dogs are more like humans, they also need attention, extra care and love from their pet owners. Let them feel they are special by doing these 11 ways while you are away from work.

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