Keeping Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

Tis the time of year where the majority of people are focused on finding the perfect gift for their loved ones. However, for pet owners, it is a never ending battle of trying to keep the Christmas tree upright and decorated and keeping our pets safe.

Our Christmas trees hold the largest number of dangers for our pets. Natural trees need water and this water grows bacteria. This causes gas and diarrhea in our pets. The pine needles, that inevitably fall off, can puncture your pet’s intestines if ingested. These dangers have led to many pet owners to chose to use artificial trees or no trees at all. Many of the decorations that are put on the trees can cause everything from a mild irritation to death in our animals.

Many decorations shouldn’t be used if the animals have an ability to get to the tree. Tinsel and garland are two such decorations. They are glittery and shiny this draws the attention of most animals. If these are ingested they pose a choking hazard and will block the animal’s intestines. Ornaments can pose dangers as well. Glass ornaments can cause the most injuries as they are easily broken. The pieces can cause all types of physical damage, everything from exterior cuts to gashes in the intestines. Plastic ornaments are a safer option but they can still be chewed on and, if swallowed, the chewed plastic can damage the intestines. Whether Christmas lights are on your tree or around your house lights can cause your animal to get tangled up, burnt or even shocked if the animal bites into a cord.

While decorating and preparing our home for the holidays many of us use scented items to fill the air of our home with wonderful smells. Liquid potpourris and candle can not only hurt our animals but can lead to severe damage to our homes. Liquid potpourris can cause chemical burns in the animal’s mouth and respiratory difficulty. Candles are easily knocked over by tails or paws and can cause burns to every part of the animal’s body.

When you are looking for that decoration your four-legged friend has caused you to need to replace, you will find an array of discounts by doing an internet search. This search can save you a significant amount of money. Companies such as Kmart offer discounts on a site called Here you can find not only Kmart’s discounts but those of other companies offering the same items. However, you choose to decorate keep yourself and your pet safe

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