Have Your Dog Microchipped When You Board Him On Holiday

One of the best facilities to house a dog while you are travelling or on holiday is a guard dog training facility. Normally, this type of centre has plenty of kennels. These kennels are needed to train the guard dogs during their training session, which typically lasts two weeks.

Therefore, if you are planning a holiday, you may as well take advantage of using this type of site to board your own dog. During your pet’s stay, the staff can groom your dog, microchip him, and train him as well. In addition to these services, a veterinarian is on site to take care of your dog should he get sick while you are away. You can also use this same type of facility to board your cat.

Pickup and Delivery Services for Boarding

If you want to take advantage of this type of service, you might also consider pickup and delivery services. A boarding facility that also trains dogs offers collection and delivery services for either training and/or boarding. Your pet can be returned to you wherever you are in the world.

Microchipping for Your Pets

As noted, besides services for dog boarding in Sydney, you can also have your dog or cat microchipped while he is staying at a facility. This is a good opportunity to ensure the safety and security of your pet. The microchip is inserted in the scruff of the animal’s neck and its details are added to an online database. This information is normally given to animal shelters who use the information to identify dogs or cats that come into their facilities.

While many pet owners include tags on their dogs or cats, a microchip will not get lost. It offers added assurance that you will find your pet in case it gets lost or you lose sight of it in a weather catastrophe.

Other Amenities

Boarding your dog at a guard dog training facility also allows you to support your canine’s training needs. In addition, this type of site offers areas where a dog can exercise, run, or play. You simply cannot get this level of service from all boarding kennels. That is why you should think about this type of boarding site.

When it comes to obedience training, experts suggest to begin training at four months old. Professional trainers also state that older dogs, some as old as 10 years old, can be trained basic commands. In fact, there is no age limit set in this regard.

When training is implemented, owners do not have to be with their dogs. That is why you can take advantage of this service if you choose to board your canine friend. You only need to spend about an hour with your pet when you pick it up. At this time, you will learn how to control the dog and make sure he listens and follows your commands. A trainer shows the dog owner how to give his or her dog the correct verbal orders or hand signals.

If you are thinking of boarding your dog or cat, the facility you choose does make a difference. Make the most of your holiday time and do something beneficial for your pet. Board your dog or cat at a guard dog training facility.


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