Choosing The Best Dog Leads From Urban Pup

The most important activity of the day that you share with you much lovely pet is a walk in the park or a stroll by your home. Your dog looks forward to this and it is your responsibility to make the experience safe both for him and other civilians around you. This is where the need for the perfect dog lead becomes imperative. You can pick some of the best looking and efficiently built dog leads from urban pup.

Why do you need a dog lead?

Though your dog might enjoy his walks more without the leash, it is important that you train him/her to accept the leash and enjoy his walks as much in it, as without it. This is a precautionary step that ensures safety for one and all, including the dog. With vehicles randomly roaming the streets, it is important that you keep your dog on a leash, so as to hold him back from being distracted and running into the road. Also a lot of people might not be as welcoming to dogs as you, keeping your dog on a leash also saves them a weenie bit of discomfort or from the feeling of being exposed to a threat. In case you care for your dog’s safety the best option is to settle for durable dog leads from urban pup.

Choosing the best leads for your dog:

The market is flooded with a variety of dog leads. Your aim here should be to look and settle for the best one. Some of the most popular varieties of dog leads available with the Urban Pup are

  •         Leather leads-

The leather leads are one of the most popular and most sought after dog lead varieties in the market. The main factors supporting their popularity include- the huge variety of styles and designs that these leases are made available in and also their all over longevity. These cause no discomfort to your dog and usually soften with repeated use. The fact that these are handmade adds to its aesthetic value and also highlights the quality. These are surprisingly durable and might as well last the lifetime for your dog, making them absolutely value for money.

  •         Covered chain leads-

Since, most people are not fond of chained leads and neither are their dogs, these leads covering the chains with leather or nylon patches, removing any chance of discomfort for the dog.

  •         Nylon leads-

The lightest as well as one of the most durable dog lead option in the market right now, are the nylon leads. These are very dog friendly and cause absolutely no discomfort or irritation to the dog. These can be availed in a number of colours and designs, giving them the maximum exposure in terms of variety.

The dog leads from urban pup are made with top quality materials that make it all the more durable and wonderful to look at. They have the widest variety of materials and designs to choose from, giving you all the more options to pick the right lead for your dog.


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