Three Tips For Preparing Your Pet For A Kennel Stay

For most people, their pets are part of their family, and if they cannot travel with their dog or cat, they may not travel at all. However, if you have planned a holiday and cannot take your pet, there are places they can stay while you’re away. Here are three tips for preparing your furry friend for a stay at a boarding kennel.

Update Shots

To keep both your dog and the others in the kennel healthy, you should make sure all of your dog’s shots are up-to-date. If there are shots that need to be administered, make sure your dog is inoculated at least seven days prior to their stay at the kennel. Some dogs may react to shots by contracting bordatella, or canine cough. Kennel owners cannot take your pet if they suspect it has an illness, which can delay your plans.

Visit the Vet

Even though the boarding kennels & catteries in Wiltshire may not require it, you should take your dog to their veterinarian 30 days prior to their stay. This will help ensure they are healthy and can be left in someone else’s care while you’re on holiday. Take both the vet’s clearance and their shot records with you to the kennel when you drop off your pet.

Pack for Your Pet

To make your furry friend as comfortable as possible during their stay at the kennel, pack their favourite toys and pet bed to take to the kennel. Having something familiar with them during their stay can help put them more at ease, especially if this is the first time you are leaving them with someone else. Also, pack an adequate supply of any medications and special food they need.

Take the time to prepare your pet so they stay happy and healthy while you’re separated from them.

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