Tips And Tools For Home Dental Care For Dogs And Cats

Like humans, dogs and cats also need dental care. Your pets eat all sorts of pet food and sometimes also human food, thus their teeth are exposed to bacteria and germs that can start tooth and gum problems. Dogs and cats will also need to have their dental health maintained and they should brush teeth regularly. Here are some tips and tools for home dental care for your pets.


  • The toothpaste plays a huge role in your pet’s dental health. Good thing there are pet-friendly toothpaste available in vet clinics or pet stores. You will not find it hard to brush your pet’s teeth because there are pet-friendly flavors such as peanut butter, chicken and mint.
  • When choosing the best dog toothbrush, be sure to choose one that will not be painful for your pet’s gums. Some toothbrush can be rough and can cause bleeding on their gums. Brush their teeth with soft strokes.
  • Chewable teeth cleaning toys. For pet owners who have a challenging feat every tooth brushing time, you don’t have to worry because there are chewable teeth cleaning toys available. If your pet refuses to have their teeth brushed, they will enjoy playing with these toys.


With the right tools, here are some home dental care tips for your pets.

  1. Start them early.

When they are still puppies, let them get used to grooming and tooth brushing. Starting them young can form this routine which is beneficial for their health. This will develop a habit in them and they will consider it a normal part of grooming.

  1. Have them get used to toothpaste taste.

Although there are toothpaste flavors that are pet-friendly, you can have your dogs and cats get used to the minty flavor of toothpaste by making them taste it from time to time. Your pets will eventually get attuned to the flavor and brushing their teeth will not be that hard anymore.

  1. Choose dry pet food.

Prefer the dry dog and cat food. These are easier to brush off from their teeth. Unlike us humans where we are able to reach the deeper parts of our gums through flossing, pets don’t always have these privileges and some food bits can stay in between their teeth and gums. This can start tooth decay and gum problems.

  1. See a vet.

Home dental and health care for your pets are easy as long as you take good care of them. However, there may be some uncontrollable factors especially when your pets fall sick. Do not hesitate to see a vet when this happens. Common dental conditions for pets are bad breath, bleeding gums and tooth decay. Your vet should be able to help your pets with these conditions.

Caring for your pet means caring for their overall well-being. Regular grooming for their outer appearance is one way. Dental care for their teeth and gums is another way to show that you love them. Give your pets a comfortable, healthy and long life with effective home dental care.

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