6 Signs Your Dog Is Suffering From An Ear Infection

Ear infections for dogs are unfortunately common and many canines will suffer from this condition at least once during their lives. Ear infections are caused by an excess of bacteria or yeast that can accumulate because of ear mites, trapped growing hairs, water or a foreign body lodged in the ear. These infections can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes painful for your pet and need to be addressed as urgently as possible.

In order to ensure your dog gets the right treatment as early as possible here are some recognisable signs that indicate your dog is suffering from an ear infection.

The following symptoms should be checked out by your vet as soon as possible;

  • Constant scratching of the ear.
  • Brown, yellow or bloody discharge.
  • Redness and swelling.
  • Hair loss around the ear
  • Loss of balance or walking in circles
  • Hearing loss.

If your dog is diagnosed with an ear infection treatment usually consists of antibiotics along with continually bathing the infected ear to ensure it is kept clean and free from bacteria. Being pro-active and preventing your pet from developing an ear infection is always preferable and often simple.

Dog’s ears can become infected from frequent bathing, grooming or swimming as the water accumulates in the ear canal and enables the growth of harmful bacteria. To avoid this, after each of these activities you should clean and dry your dog’s ears to stop this happening.

Some dogs suffer from allergies which make them prone to ear infections because of the irritation and swelling caused by their allergic reactions to certain triggers. For example, allergies to pollen, dust mites or foods can cause inflammation and encourage the growth of bacteria within the ear which will lead to infections. If your dog has allergies try to manage them effectively to avoid ear infections as well.

Regularly practicing a good health regime that includes cleaning your dog’s ears will help your pet to remain happy and free from ear infections and other ailments.

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