Great Health Tips For Cats In The Home

A happy cat often makes for a happy owner and it’s very important to look after your animal to ensure it’s at its best. Fortunately, we’ve got a number of great tips to keep them at their best and their coat at its shiniest.

Kitten Tips

A kitten is a cute little thing; however one of the more common mistakes is taking it away from its mother at too young of age. Kittens should be never taken away from the custody of their mother before 16 weeks as this can often lead to behavioural issues and problems with the cat later in life.


Cats tend to reproduce quite regularly and this often leads to an overpopulation of cats, which are often left uncared for. Spaying a cat can be a significant help as it will prevent cat disease such as feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) or feline leukaemia. Spaying can be done from 8 weeks of age before the female goes into heat and can be a big step in keeping your cat healthy.

Medical Care

Good medical care such as vaccinations and deworming protect cats on a number of levels and are vital for cat care. Always ensure your cat receives these basics as they go a long way to preventing notable issues.


Cats do tend to wander off by nature and a microchip in a cat’s collar can go a long way to preventing significant problems with the cat and the wanderings. Micro chipped cats can be identified immediately when they’re found and this allows them to be quickly reunited with owners.

Food and Hygiene

Cats need to stay clean and nobody is going to be healthy if they have to eat next to the toilet. Ensuring the cat’s tray is clean and that the bowl is placed alongside the food will ensure the cat will not get sick and also that they will have no major health issues in this regard. Also, it’s advisable not placing a bowl alongside the food as this often leads to cats drinking less. Hydration can be a significant help for cats.

Scratching Posts

Cats often scrape things as it’s a way for them to groom their nails. A scratching post of a scratching mat can be a significant help here and will ensure that the cat will be able to fulfil this need. Place a post beside a sleeping area or a near a route they tend to take regularly.


Cat insurance can be a great aid, particularly if the cat is taken down with a serious illness. Having a good quality cat insurance from a young age doesn’t tend to cost that much and also is a significant help if they do need an expensive operation. So, take a look around at policies and then decide.


Cats love to play, so get a littermate or a cat to play with or schedule dates with someone else’s cat. It’s a good way to jeep a cat healthy and happy. Always introduce playmates gradually to ensure they get used to each other first.

These are just some tips for your cat to ensure it’s healthy and happy and lives a long and fruitful life.

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