Signs To Recognize Your Dog’s Woozy Health

Keeping a dog in your house is a good habit as dogs are believed to be an optimum house guards and gives a permanent protection to your house. As a domestic animal, dogs are honest, caring and lovable. After adapting a dog in house, they play a major role in any family rather they too become family members and take care of the family as well as the entire house.

Same as every member of the family, sometimes dog could also be ill and feel weak in health which should be concerned by the family members and the dog should be taken to a doctor where proper diagnose and treatment could be preceded. Nowadays, several dog owners are taught with the skills to recognize the ill health of their pets through which they could cure any kind of serious disorder within accurate time.

1. Check out the exact color of your pet’s gums:-

When your dog is believed a bit different from regular days or feeling weak to practice active exercises, then you should understand that your dog’s health is not good. The first step to recognize your dog’s illness is verifying the color of gums which should be pink, black or spotted. If the color is pale, then surely your pet is suffering from a serious disease.

2. Observe his/her balance and behavior: –

If your dog is acting weak, confused or sleepy, then you should immediately consult a veterinarian for him/her as these symptoms could lead to several serious disorders and dog poisoning is one of them. This disorder could even lead to hazardous death of your pet which should be definitely cured in the initial stage.

3. Consult a doctor for checking his/her adequate body functioning: –

Check out if your dog is doing vomit constantly and doing stools in water form or pungent color. Your dog’s urine should also be only of yellow color and if you observe any difference or weird change, then immediately take him/her to a well acknowledge doctor to analyze the reason of sudden change.

4. Hear the sensations of your pet’s lungs: –

While listening to the breathing of your pet, if you find any difference such as shallow breathing or fade voice of cough, then it could result into severe pain in lungs or any specific disorder which will certainly affect the health of your dog majorly.

5. Examine the body temperature of your pet with animal thermometer: –

Become acknowledged with the perfect temperature of dogs from a wise animal health practitioner and check out your pet’s temperature that whether it is normal or not. The correct way of checking your dog’s temperature is using two persons for the activity in which one should hold the pet’s head and the other one should operate the temperature checking activity.

6. Lack of appetite: –

Suddenly, when your dog leaves eating and shows loss of appetite for at least 24 hours, then you should never take this activity lightly and should immediately consult an animal health practitioner who could diagnose the reason behind them and provide a proper remedy on the query.

Some specific precautionary measures should be taken to take care of your pets it will help you in detecting disease at earlier stage that reduces the risk to your dog’s health. Additionally, an annual screening i.e. your dog’s yearly health checks is the foremost preventive medicine.

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