Properly Feeding Your Pitbull To Ensure Good Health

Feeding your pitbull properly will keep it look healthy and help it avoid common health issues such as joint problems. A pitbull is an active dog which requires plenty of exercise. An overweight pitbull will experience extra strain on its body and internal system that can result in serious issues. Meanwhile, an underweight pitbull can become ill because of an unbalanced diet. In order to keep your dog’s healthy weight, you need to put some thought into the foods you are giving it, the amount of dog food to feed and your understanding of the nutritional and energy needs of your pet. Depending on what you can afford for your dog, you can buy the best cheap dog food in the market these days.

Keeping your Pitbull at its Ideal Weight

The right weight for your pitbull must be unique to it. For instance, dogs with 65 to 68 pounds in their peak condition should have a few pounds heavier proper weight to walk around. This should be a trial and error process. An important thing to do before starting to get your pitbull in shape is to take it to a vet to undergo a total check up. This will make sure the dog is in perfect health to begin. Second, keep the dog on the same diet; however, increase its exercise.

Free Feeding or Never at All

Some people start free feeding their pitbulls perhaps because they did not know any better that time. For some reasons, a number of pitbull owners do not recommend free feeding though. Pitbulls can pick at its food all day. The dogs can eat following exercise. (They must not consumer food until a maximum of thirty minutes after they exercise). And they will not easy if you do not free feed them. This is not to say you should not free feed. To set a feeding time:

  • Feed the pitbull a bit at time two to four times every day. In case you feed the dog two cups of food, break this up into smaller portions like half cup.
  • Set a specific time the stick to this.

You have the option to break up the cups into many smaller cups and feed the pitbull at a certain time. A benefit of this is that you can make use of the time to help in training the dog. By being able to set a feeding time, you will be able to have a better handle on this situation and make sure that your put bull gets the right amount of food at the right time.

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