Best Dog Foods For Weight Loss

When it comes to the most common health problems in dogs, we have to mention obesity. This problem is common in dogs of all ages. Overfeeding can lead to weight gain in your dog. Also, it may be caused by diseases such as hypothyroidism and Cushing’s. Before looking for the best dog food for weight loss, it’s best to take your pet to a vet so that you can get advice on the exact cause for his weight gain. If your dog is obese, he may face some serious health problems. To help him lose weight you need to choose the right diet food that rich in protein. To make your decision easier, we will list you the best picks for diet dog food in this article.

  • NUTRO Lite

This is a good choice for the budget. It’s made of farm-raised chicken listed as the first ingredient. It’s rich in protein and fiber. This product is actually made to help your pet lose weight. Also, it offers extra flavour, so your dog will love eating it. In addition, this formula is packed with whole brown rice, barley, split peas, and dried sweet potato. Both of them are healthy grains to your dog. They are also easy to digest.

If you are looking for dog food brands for smaller dogs, you can consider NUTRO Lite. Indeed, they are ideal for dogs with stomach problems. It ensures give your four-leg friend all the essential vitamins and minerals to maintain his immune system. Also, it promises to give him plenty of energy.

In order to help your dog lose weight, it’s best to divide his amount into 4 smaller meals. However, this food only comes in 2 sizes of packaging.

  • Wellness Core

This dog food is one of the best grain-free dog foods packed with proteins. This option is great for large dog breeds. It can be able to meet your dog’s needs for a diet. It also is packed with different types of meat. In fact, it offers 34% protein sourced from deboned chicken, turkey meal, and chicken meal.

It’s a 100% grain-free dog food. It ensures to provide your pet with essential easily digested fibers from spinach, potatoes, broccoli, kale, peas, and sweet potato. In addition, it contains necessary vitamins and minerals. That’s why it’s balanced for daily feeding.

This formula is a great option for both weight loss and weight management. However, some dogs don’t like this food. Also, it may be very dry.

  • Hill’s Science Diet

This dog food is specially made for smaller adult dogs. This ensures to give your furry friend a balanced diet. It’s a good solution for overweight dogs to lose weight. Moreover, it’s effective for various health problems.

Chicken meal is the first ingredient of this food. It can offer your dog 3 times more protein due to the chicken meal in ingredients when compared to chicken. It contains various grains.

It’s easy to digest because it contains additional ingredients, including dried beet pulp, flaxseed, and oat fiber. Also, it contains vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy while losing weight.

However, this food is made from a lot of carbohydrates. And, it can lead to stomach problems. Moreover, it isn’t grain-free.

  • Taste of the Wild

This product is rich protein food packed with the meat of wild boar, eggs, lamb meal, as well as ocean fish meal. This formula offers the desired amount of amino acids. It’s high in antioxidants and vitamins from peas, blueberries, garbanzo beans, and raspberries. In addition, it contains also prebiotic fiber to help dogs with healthy digestion.

Although it’s an affordable choice, it still can offer your pet with a minimum of 5% crude fiber, 15% crude fat, and 29% of crude protein.

This option is perfect for dogs of all life stages. Also, it’s a great choice for you if you want to maintain your pet’s weight.

In order to feed your dog, it’s best to divide the amount into 3 smaller meals so that your dog can get the best weight loss results.

  • Eagle Pack

This brand offers your dog 350 kcal per cup. It contains 24% protein and 9% fat. There are two main ingredients found in this food such as Pork meal and Chicken meal. This food can be able to meet all daily nutritional needs of adult dogs.

This product is expensive a bit. It’s a good option for overweight dogs. It ensures to give your pet enough protein as well as tastes good. It’s great for your dog’s digestion since it contains brown and white rice, peas, and tomatoes.

In addition, there are available in essential vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy while losing weight. Also, it promises to offer him strong joints and healthy skin and coat because it contains glucosamine hydrochloride. However, this food only comes in 2 sizes of packaging.

What’s Balanced Nutrition?

If you want to keep your dog in a healthy weight, it’s important to feed him balanced foods. But, many dog owners don’t know exactly what is balanced nutrition?

Actually, there are some main ingredients found in balanced dog foods. They include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Also, there are some essential features to focus on when it comes to well-balanced dog foods.

  • Low fats
  • Higher level of proteins
  • All essential vitamins and minerals
  • Lower levels of carbohydrates.


We’ve already listed to five best dog foods for weight loss on the market today. All of them are high-quality brands. They are built up with fresh ingredients. They are made especially to help your furry friend to lose his weight. Also, they can help to maintain his healthy weight. Now, you get all the essential info about the best dog food for weight loss. It will be not difficult to put your dog on an appropriate diet. As a pet owner, you have to always keep in mind keeping your dog in healthy weight means keeping him healthy as well as happy.

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