Commercial Food For Your Dog

Just like human beings, dogs also need proper nutrition for growth and development. Nutrition plays a crucial role to build up their body. With a wider variety of dog food available, it is really not easy for you to choose the right type of product for your canines. Some dog owners are sceptical about feeding their pet premium food. It is a common question if one should really need to buy expensive food for their dogs. 

Buying a bargain brand bag may sound a tempting idea to save money. Premium food is costlier and mostly comprises little fat and protein. Most of these brands conform to AAFCO norms and will not hurt your pet. 

Difference between Bargain and Premium Brand Food

The difference between these two types is not limited to only price. Quality of ingredients is more important. Premium dog foods are made of easily digestible ingredients. These foods also offer more nutrient value. It means you need to feed your dog less and also have to scoop up less when your pet poops in the backyard. 

Bargain brand food for dogs is made with inexpensive products including fillers, meat, bone meal and soy protein. Due to such composition, you need to feed your dog more to maintain the right nutrition level for the pet. Bargain dog food has colours as well as artificial flavours to increase palatability. Honestly speaking, your pet does not require these and as a result, you spend more to feed the canine. 

It is a wrong idea that you will end up saving more by buying bargain food. This is because, whatever you save will be eaten up by the pet as it will need to have more. Therefore, premium brand is the best choice to ensure healthy life for your dog and save some money. 


These days, it is easy to find out the composition of dog food. According to the health and safety regulations, dog food manufacturers are obliged to list the ingredients as well as their nutritional value of their products. 

Some basic components of any food product for canines are as follows:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Minerals and Vitamins 

The ingredients are mentioned in descending order (according to their weight) on the container. Therefore, if a meat source such as lamb or chicken is enlisted at the top, you can be sure that your dog is feeding on protein rich food. 

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