Keeping Your Dog Safe In Summer: Outdoor Precautions In The Hottest Time Of The Year

Summer can be a very pleasant time to spend with your canine companion. The weather is bright and sunny, there are plenty of activities to enjoy and beautiful places to go. The summer can be a fun time for your family and your dog. North shore vet can help.

  • The most important thing and one that cannot be stressed enough, is hydration. If your dog is well hydrated, they will not suffer muscle cramps, excessive panting, overheating and exhaustion. Keep a bowl and a bottle of water at hand along with your water bottle at all times.
  • Dogs should never be left alone in a closed, locked car. The temperature can soar inside a closed up car very rapidly. Leaving the window down a few inches really does nothing to cool the vehicle off. If you are going someplace with your dog, make sure that you will not have to leave them in the car.
  • Dogs are susceptible to sunburn. All of them on their noses and some very short haired breeds and recently groomed dogs can get sunburn in a relatively short period of time. Obviously, it is not advisable or safe to put sunscreen on a dog. You should take breaks from exposure to sunlight. Possibly a spot in the shade or a break in the car with the air conditioning on.
  • Remember, the sun heats surfaces and the hot pavement can be very damaging to the pads on your dog’s feet. Be aware of where you are walking them.
  • Often, you will want to bring your dog along for water activities. Be very careful if you are taking a boat ride. There are life vests made especially for dogs. Just like you should wear a life vest, so should your dog. If you are going to the seaside, remember that your dog will probably ingest some salt water. This may bring on vomiting. If a problem persists, it’s a good idea to see the vet. Be cautious near any body of water. Water can be contaminated, there may be unseen hazards underwater and there may be wild animals that can pose any number of threats.
  • Summer is a time when a lot of pests thrive. Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas are all present in summer and hungry and breeding. Don’t let your dog be host to these creatures. Ticks can cause Lyme Disease, mosquitoes can cause heartworms and fleas can fester to the point that the animal can actually go anemic. To avoid ticks and fleas, try not to walk in tall grass or there are some effective tick treatments for dogs that you can do before strolling. To avoid mosquitoes, don’t go near standing or stagnant water. In wilderness areas, try to avoid areas that wildlife might inhabit, because the wildlife probably suffers from flea and tick infestation in the summer too.
  • Be aware that some dogs are quite frightened of thunder. To some, even the sight of lightening will scare them, as they know to expect the coming noise of thunder. Some dogs will get so frantic that they might set off into a run. If your dog is off lead and frightened, it is quite possible that you might get separated. Be confident in your dog’s sensibilities before letting them off lead.

Whether you are out enjoying the sun or seeking to escape from the heat of summer, remember that your dog is even more susceptible to summer hazards than you are.

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