Five Perfect Gifts To Give Your Doggie A Little Treat

Treats, like dogs, come in all sizes, colours, shapes and prices. From k9 clothing to doggie hotel getaways, to more traditional treat snacks or a nice new collar. To explore five novel, stylish, creative and fun ways to treat your pooch whilst also pleasing the kids and yourself, read on.

A New Doggie Tag

Every dog in the UK is required to wear a collar fitted with a dog tag when out in public. Whilst all dogs tags must display the dog owner’s name, address and postcode, the size, shape, design and even materials used to create or adorn a dog tag is an owner’s choice. Hence, a dog tag, despite being a necessity can too be a fun thing to shop for a lovely way to welcome a new pet into the family.

Providing quality handmade dog tags, free engraving and a massive choice that are affordable for every dog owner, a great place to shop fordog tags is viathe Doggie Tags website, retailers of the finest personalised dog tags. Whether you’re looking for something with a bit of bling, humour, style, colour or class, or even a dog tag turned commemorativekey ring to celebrate the life of dog no longer with you, Doggie Tags have it covered.

Pamper You Pooch

Most dogs during their lifetimes will make one or more visits to pooch parlour to have a good old shampoo, trim or pet pedicure. If money isn’t so much an issue, but appearances are, you might want to consider ditching the dog parlour this month and instead upgrade and so take you dog for treat to dog spa.

As well as providing all the usual dog treatments and procedures, places like the London based Pet Spa further offer a range of services that cover health and nutrition issues, doggie day care, luxury spa treatments and dog training. So, whilst treating your pooch to a bit of pampering, you can also iron out any behavioural issues and get your dog’s health in order.

Brush Up…On What You are Doing to Drive Your Dog Crazy.

One fantastic way to treat your dog is to address your own behaviour and the ways your behaviour way be negatively impacting upon that of your dog’s. To do this, you could invest in dog training books, take a dog care course or seek the advice of an expert dog trainer. Or, alternatively, you could simply head over to the Caesar’s Way website where expert dog specialist and well known TV personality, Caesar Millan provides a wealth of fantastically free expert advice on what it is you are doing that is driving your poor dog mad.

Pull Out the Scooby Snacks

No dog treat itinerary would be complete without featuring delicious dog treat snacks with which to reward your dog(s). And no dog treat snack is perhaps more famous than the Scooby Snack.

Endorsed by Scooby Doo himself, genuine Scooby snack dog treats actually exist. What’s more, a little treat that is light on the pocket, but sure to get your kids as excited as your dog, Scooby Snacks are now available in the UK via most major supermarkets, including Asda.

Doggie Brain Training Toys

Dog toys may conjure images of rubber chickens, knotted ropes and the good old tennis ball, but many of the dog toy now being sold in the UK have like children’s toys gone high-tech. That is, toys are no longer being made just to teach your dog to fetch or chew something rather than your shoe collection, but to train your pooch’s brain.

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