Important Things To Know About Your Pet Insurance

With pet care cost on the rise, it has become more important than ever for pet owners to acquire a pet insurance. Much like you health insurance, pet insurance is poised to save you thousands of dollar in vet bills. A recent study by Pet Products Association revealed that 62% of Americans consider their pet as a member of the household just like a kid. As such, many pet owners are trooping online in search for a comprehensive insurance coverage befitting their pet.

You will be surprised at the rate at which new pet insurers are mushrooming in an aggressive bid to tap into this ever-surging business. With cut-throat competition in the industry, these companies are doling out tricky deals everyday. As such, pet owners are spoilt for choice and the choosing process become quite confusing. Looking to hop onto pet insurance bandwagon? Here are a few things you need to understand beforehand.

Pet Insurance Plans Vary

As expected, there are myriad types of pet insurance plans out there, each with distinct insurance coverage. It is paramount that you know and understand what these policies entail. Some insurance plans only cover injury and illness. Make sure that your pet insurance is comprehensive; meaning that it should incorporate other services like vaccination, blood analysis, urine testing, annual exams, and teeth cleaning.

It’s Important to Compare Insurance Plans

It’s undeniable that each pet insurance firm is unique. For one, different companies have different pricing systems. It’s upon you to do thorough research and compare their monthly premiums, reimbursement percentages, deductibles and benefits schedules. The importance of getting a policy that caters to your pet’s particular needs is absolute. This fact alone can narrow down your search by nearly threefold.

Know how Pet Coverage Works

For a pet owner, having an absolute understanding of your pet insurance policy is a slice of heaven. So how does it work? All pet insurance policies let you take advantage of any licensed vet or animal clinic countrywide. Some even cover your pet while you’re holidaying abroad. You pay the vet out of your pocket and submit a claim to your insurer later. Within a few weeks, you’ll receive your compensation.

It Excludes Pre-Existing Conditions

It is crucial that pet owners know that they are required to pay 100% for all exclusions. One such exclusion typical to many insurance policies is pre-existing conditions. For a complete list if all exclusions check out, the leader in pet insurance comparison.

Pet’s Breed and Age Matter

Pet’s breed and age are key cost determinants of a pet insurance plan. Principally, and rightfully so, it’s more costly to insure older pets. In fact, some breeds are non-insurable or may not qualify for insurance if they’re passed a certain age. Also, some breeds necessitate higher premiums for they are at increased risk of health complications than others.

That said, it’s easier to shop for a pet insurance if you’ve the right tools on your side. Visit to untangle all these complications and protect your pet without any hassle.

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