5 Reasons To Hire A Dog Walker

We all lead exceptionally busy lives, which means a lot of scheduling and juggling various different events and activities. This scheduling includes our jobs, partners, friends and family – which includes our beloved furry friends. Many people are hesitant to get a dog walker because they think it will be expensive, because they worry about someone coming into their home or because they don’t want someone else caring for their pet. Unfortunately the result of this can lead to pooches being left at home for hours bored, lonely, under exercised and needing the toilet. If you’re considering hiring a dog walker but still need some convincing, these 5 reasons should help you decide:

  1. It’s Not That Expensive

It really isn’t very expensive at all to hire a dog walker when you consider what you get for your money. Reputable companies will have all their dog walkers CRB checked, dog walkers will have a high level of canine experience and knowledge and they are also trusted to enter your home. For the money your dog will get human contact, interaction with other dogs, a toilet break, and a good amount of exercise. When you think about how much a dog walker is worth, what you’re really saying is ‘how much is my dog worth?’. And when you put it like that, can you really put a price on your pooches wellbeing?

  1. Your Dog Needs The Exercise

We are a country of fat pets, which is why so many programmes have been popping up recently detailing the latest epidemic to hit vets – pet obesity. We love our pets and it’s all too easy to slip them the odd treat or tidbit during a meal. Basic knowledge indicates that like us, the more food a dog takes in, the more exercise he needs to do. Even if you do feed your pet the right amount of food, exercise is still a really important part of his life. During a walk he gets to exercise his muscles, gain stimulation from the smells, sights and sounds he finds on his walk, and empty his bladder several times, as well as his bowels. It will also help him let off steam and release plenty of energy, which means he’ll be better behaved when you do get home, and sleep better as well. The exercise your dog enjoys is beneficial to his mind and body, so if you can’t give him as much as he needs, a dog walker is a really good option.

  1. Your Dog Needs Love

Dogs are completely people orientated, which means they get lonely when you’re not there. A lack of human contact may lead a dog to gain behavioural problems, which is why it’s so important he gets a good amount of human contact throughout the day. When your dog walker arrives, they will pet him and stroke him, talk to him and play with him – he deserves that attention.

  1. It’s Local

Supporting local businesses is a great thing, and is something we should all strive to do when we can. The area you live in needs you to support its businesses. So if you live in Nottingham, you can support a Nottingham based dog walker. Or if you live in Wandsworth, look for Wandsworth dog walking. Every local area needs support, and by hiring a local dog walker, you’re not only giving your dog a better quality of life, but enabling a local company to thrive.

  1. It’s Easy

It’s not difficult to set yourself up with a local dog walker. Dog walking companies are designed to make life as easy as possible for you, which is why they tend to cater their services to meet your needs. Most dog walking companies offer walking services at all different times of the day, and most now offer online payment systems as well so you don’t even have to worry about leaving payment out in an envelope. Dog walking services are designed to be convenient and fit around your needs.

Remember, if you do decide to hire a dog walker, take your time, do your research and hire a company you know will look after your dog responsibly.

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