Tips On Travelling With Pets

If you are planning on travelling with your pet soon ensure that you research and plan well in advance. Regulation regarding the transportation of pets can be confusing and vary from country to country. You will also need to contact the airline you are flying with well in advance as space for carrying pets is very limited.

Whether your pet is travelling for holiday, work purposes or relocation here are some tips on how to make the journey stress-free for both you and your pet.

  • Exercise your pet well before they are due to travel. This way most of the journey can be slept through and your pet is less likely to become anxious or bored.
  • Crate your dog. If you are travelling with a dog on an airplane, the airline will require you to crate your pet. However, you should also do this when using other forms of transport as it will help your dog feel safer and stop him from causing any injuries to himself.
  • Avoid large meals before travel. Give your pet a simple, light snack before they are due to travel as travelling with a full stomach could cause discomfort and sometimes make them more prone to travel sickness.
  • However, make sure your pet has access to lots of clean, fresh water to keep them hydrated throughout the journey.
  • Give your pet its favourite toy, blanket or any item which is familiar and comforting to them. This will help your pet relax whilst travelling, especially if they are to be separated from you for all or part of the journey.
  • Pack a pet travel kit including essentials such as food, water, travel documents, leash’s, any medication and toys/ chews.
  • Ensure your pet is microchipped for identification in case you become separated. Also equip him with a collar and tag that is engraved with your contact details.
  • Take your pet for a full health check with your veterinarian before you are due to travel. Just like humans, pets will need to be fit and healthy before they are able to travel.

Do you have any tips on how to make travelling with your animals as pain-free as possible? Let us know!

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