Five Christmas Presents To Consider For Your Horse

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, you will likely be thinking about all of the lovely presents you want to buy for those you hold dearest to you. For many people in the UK, this includes friends, family, and of course a pet! There is no reason not to buy a gift for your dog, cat, or even your horse. As a nation, we love our pets and want to show this the whole year round; Christmas is just an excuse to get something extra special.

Since approximately one million of us in the UK own a horse, it seemed like the natural choice to write a blog post around Christmas presents ideas for yours too! So read on to get a few ideas for things you can purchase in the coming weeks…

Horse rug

Help your equine buddy to stay warm during the winter by selecting one of the gorgeous horse rugs available on the market. You will be able to find everything from lightweight rugs for inside the stable, or you might want something more heavyweight for during turnout. If you are looking to do a competition together next year, you might also want to consider a competition sheet in colours that will coordinate with your own outfit.

Grooming kit

You can find some pieces that cost a little less too, so why don’t you get your hands on some lovely grooming items? You’ll find some brushes upwards of just £1, but you can of course invest in a deluxe kit with a carry case for more than this. There are all sorts of funky colours and designs to choose from, so a present like this can be both fun and practical at the same time.

Horse toys

All pets and even zoo animals appreciate a few fun toys, so you could also buy one for your horse. The best kind are ones that also act as a feeder; you basically put some treats inside them and your equine pal will have an amusing time trying to get them out. Have a look online to find toys that are made especially for horses as these will be the most effective and safe for use.

Hi-vis gear

It is nice to buy something for horse that is practical as you will be able to use it more throughout the year. That is why a hi-vis saddle cover can be a good option as it will be ideal for use all throughout the winter months. There are plenty of other hi-vis items you might be interested in too, such as tail guards and neck bands.

Your love

Finally, you can give your horse a gift that doesn’t cost anything at all – just show your boy or girl a bit of love. Perhaps you could spend a morning having a bit of bonding time and having a couple of treats; you could give your horse a bit of pampering and clean out the stables good and proper.

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