The Most Common Small Dogs Breeds

Small dogs-Great Pets!

Are you thinking of keeping a pet in your house? How would it feel to have your pet welcome you back to your house after a long day’s work? Wouldn’t it feel so relieving to have your pet jump all over you? Well if you are thinking of looking for a really good companion in this case a good pet, then may be you just need a small dog! Notice that small dogs are very easy to keep as well as maintain. Everything right from resources to overall food comes small, which means that you will not end up spending so much of your finances as well as your time.

All the small dogs demand for is time. And isn’t that what you are also looking for? Some good alone time with a friendly pet? There are many people out there fully in the business of trading small dogs. Along with that, there are also many people out there looking for small dogs to keep in their houses as pets. This can already tell you that there is no time you will be out there looking for small dogs and yet you don’t seem to find any. With the right directions for instance from you will absolutely be a very happy pet owner! What you need to do though is get a dog that suits your needs. Notice that small dogs come in different breeds, and each of the breeds has got different characteristics.

Small Dogs Breeds

  • Pugs: Pugs could appear really funny looking at a first glance, but once you keep the dog, you will realize that it can be a really good companion. Pugs have got a short head, wrinkled face and a nozzle that is somewhat so close to the eyes. For this reason, it can be a huge nag if you choose to have it in your bedroom at night. It snores a lot, and equally sneezes a lot. You could consider buying some ear plugs! At times, it can be very hard headed.

  • Maltese: Could you have a beautiful pet than this! It is so beautiful you could almost think it just left some hair salon or up for some beauty contest. This white fluffy dog is very friendly and composed. It gets along with other dogs as well as cats very well. However, do not leave it alone for too long. It loves human contact a lot. Maltese is the best choice for people with allergies because it doesn’t shed at all.

  • Yorkshire Terrier: Meet this very curious world of dogs! This breed is always looking forward to good adventure, and it is also very bold. The silky hairline is very beautiful to look at! Therefore if you will be buying Yorkshire Terrier, be ready for walks!

  • Boston Terrier: The good thing about Boston Terrier is that it doesn’t call for so much bathing. What you need to do is brush it regularly.  This dog is a very good companion and can bond very well with your children. You also need to know that Boston Terrier is not so good with house items. Just in case there is something really important to you in your house, a place that this dog can access, get it off its way if you don’t want to end up with lots of destruction.

  • Chihuahua: Meet this tiny but very demanding and noisy darling. Chihuahua can be unruly at times and is well known for barking at children just to scare them off. May be this may not be the best choice for you if you have got children.

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