Artificial Insemination And Dog Breeding

Artificial insemination (ai) is a process in which semen is collected and deposited into the vagina of the bitch via artificial means. It is one of the primitive methods of assisted reproduction in animals and human beings, but it took dog breeders little longer to adapt to this technique because of species-specific particularities. However, latest advancements in canine physiology and semen technology in the past few decades has made it possible for this unnatural dog breeding method to become available all over the world.  

As a result, today many veterinarians and breeders are frequently using this technique, since ai kits for breeding dogs are now available everywhere. More importantly, they consider ai as an invaluable tool because the artificial insemination kits for dogs have made it possible for breeders and veterinarians to extract and preserve dog semen safely. In fact, owing to this fact many believe that ai has improved the quality of dog breeding because it has resolved the issue of time and space.

Now an exceptional a dog that has incredible intelligence, athleticism, skills and temperament can produce offspring even after his death or without even mating with bitches that are thousands of miles away from him. In addition, preservation of semen in the artificial Insemination kits for dogs have also made it possible for breeders to breed with more bitches than the dog would have actually mated in one-on-one situation.

The artificial insemination technique has also remained quite handy in cases where valuable male dogs have gotten injured, infertile or failed to reproduce offspring. Frozen semen of a first-rate dog is a great way to ensure that the valuable resource is still available. Years progresses have made today’s artificial insemination technique lot easier. Now a large number of veterinarians and individuals can use this method to collect, examine and inseminate semen.

In case, breeders do not have a bitch in heat they can use preserved cotton swabs that are wiped on the vagina of the female when she is in heat. To collect the semen of a dog, these cotton swabs are then dabbed around the tail area of any bitch. After which the dog will respond to that bitch as if she is in heat. Once the pet excretes the semen it is collected with the help of ai kits for dogs for examination.

Veterinarians then examine the sperm cells in order to make sure that they are adequately concentrated, motile and look anatomically normal. This inspection will reveal the quality and quantity of the sperm cells. If it’s high in quality and quantity then the semen is instantly infused in the bitch through a glass tube or long plastic.

In case, the female is miles away from the dog then it can always be frozen in liquid nitrogen canister, so the high quality sperm can be used later. This will save both time and money because breeders won’t have to exhaust their funds to bring dog and bitch at the same place. In addition, it will keep the cost of semen inseminating low too.

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