The Extreme Popularity Of The Fissidens Fontanus

The Fissidens fontanus or moss fountain as nicknamed French-speaking aquarists is purely aquatic foam that was discovered in the United States. It has since largely conquered our aquariums with its unique appearance that creates a very nice effect in any tray.

It is true that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish and differentiate between one aquatic species of moss to another, but this one is really special. It’s recognizable at first glance! It is said to have the shape of a fox tail that earned it the nickname “Phoenix Moss” by English-speaking aquarists. The use of the aquarium fissidens mosses is also increasing fast. This is the reason that there are endless options for you. However, there are more that you should know now.

This foam is not yet very present in traditional pet shops

It is however available in many online stores specializing in mail order aquatic plants. The foam must arrive in perfect condition. There must not be yellowing strands or dead because otherwise it will be hard to leave in his new environment. Indeed, the only difficulty for the cultivation of Fissidens fontanus concerns its acclimation phase. This step is crucial and unfortunately there is not much to do. Without real knowledge why some will fit very well in a tray but not in another that will yet have on paper the same parameters and characteristics.

Water quality does not seem to matter for Fissidens fontanus as well as its temperature. She likes it as well in hard water that soft, acid that basic. There is no ideal PH or GH.

Foams and liverworts in aquariums offer the aquarist a multitude of possibilities

Thanks to aquascaping and the popularity of shrimp in recent years, mosses have taken a much larger role in our aquariums, no longer serving as hiding places and food for fry as before. It is very rare nowadays to find an aquarium that does not have one or two mosses in its decor. From the aquarium fissidens moss this is an essential task. However, there are important matters as well that comes up with the best deals.

Mosses bring touches of greenery into aquariums that could not accommodate more demanding plants in terms of space and nutrition. It is thus possible to create sets composed solely of mosses and liverworts. Like these, for example:

Aquarium decor with mosses

Foams can be attached to just about any support simply by holding them with wire. It seems that we can also stick some with simple glue, but there is controversy. And if one breaks down wire, one can also trap them between two stones. Some like the shade and others, intense brightness. This can be placed almost anywhere in an aquarium.

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