Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Getting a Puppy


If your kids have been going on and on about wanting a puppy, you might just be on the verge of saying yes. It’s important to realize that you will be doing most of the work yourself, as much as your kids say they’ll help out. There are many things to consider from training, walking, feeding and cleaning, as well as all of the expenses that come with it.

So before you get guilt-tripped into buying a puppy next weekend, have a good think about everything that comes with it first. Being prepared will be very useful if you make the choice to get one! Here are some things to keep in mind…

The cost

Puppies aren’t exactly cheap, especially if they’re pedigree breeds. Even if you’re buying a crossbreed, you’ll still expect to pay a few hundred pounds for your pup. If you’ve never bought a dog first, you should do some research to make sure you are getting a dog from a licensed seller, and someone who takes care of their puppies properly.

There was a sad story on Rip-Off Britain where a woman bought one after seeing an ad, only for the puppy to get ill within a couple of days of bringing her home. The puppy certificate was a fake, and the family couldn’t get in touch with the seller, meaning they were scammed out of money and ended up with heartache when the puppy was put down.

The mess

I’ve never owned a puppy that didn’t bring along a whole load of mess with it. Toilet paper rolls are torn to shreds, food ends up scattered all over the carpet and pet hair gets on everything and everyone. My advice is to find the best vacuum cleaner for pesky puppies as you’ll be using it a lot. It’s also a good idea to introduce this noise early on so your dog isn’t afraid of the sound.

The responsibility

Once you’ve considered the short-term cost and state of your home, it’s time to start thinking about the long-term responsibility of having a pet. Will your kids help to walk it, clean it and feed it? Are you budgeting for future vet bills and everything else your pooch will need to be happy and healthy? These are all important things to consider so you see your puppy as an important family member, rather than a burden on your time and pocket.

The practicality

Finally, do you have enough spare time to donate to training your pup? If you work all day and only see to the little dog in the morning and evening, it’s likely you’ll come home to a lot of whining and mess. They need lots of attention and training to get them to behave, so it’s better if you can be home during the day. Are you also willing to give up impromptu weekends away? You’ll need to do more planning with a dog to find kennels, a dog sitter, or somewhere that’ll let you bring your pup along too!

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