A Guide To Buying Your First Puppy

Dogs are wonderful creatures. They really are man’s best friend. They are loyal, loving and loads of fun.

If you are about to get your first puppy you will find this guide helpful. Here we take you quickly through the process of finding and buying a nice pup and getting him or her home.

Buying a puppy

The first step is finding a nice puppy to buy. This step is probably the most important one. If you make a bad decision at this point, you and your dog could be paying for it for many years to come.

You need to work out what type of pooch you want. There is no point in buying a big dog that needs a lot of exercise if you do not have enough spare time to walk him or her. Understand what each breed needs to stay happy and healthy, and ask yourself can you provide that environment.

Once you know what type of dog you want it is time to find a good breeder. There are plenty of puppies for sale in Lancashire and most other parts of the UK.

You need to look for a registered breeder. Doing so is the fastest way to find someone who takes breeding seriously and looks after his or her dogs.

The last thing you want is to buy your pet from a nasty puppy farm. As an animal lover, you do not want to support someone who is cruel and has no respect for dogs. Most registered breeders adhere to high standards, but you should still take note of the conditions that the bitches and puppies are kept in to make sure that they really are well cared for.

Picking up your puppy

Once you have chosen your pup and checked all of the paperwork you can prepare for the arrival of your new pet. When it is time to pick up your dog you will need to take someone with you to hold him or her in the car. It is also a good idea to take a blanket to hold them in.

This first car trip is important. You do not want it to be a traumatic experience for your dog. If it is, there is a chance they will not want to go in a car again. The more comfortable they are the better the experience will be which is why you need someone to look after them in the back. Keep the radio off and maintain a quiet and calm environment in the car.

At home

When you get home, give your dog a chance to relieve him or herself. Then take your puppy calmly into the house. Put them down in the space you have sectioned off for him or her.

Let them familiarise themselves with the area. Once that is done, everyone can pet the new puppy.

Make sure that your dog has access to food and water, their basket or crate and somewhere to go to the toilet away from their bed. The first night they should sleep in their crate with the blanket you used to bring him or her home. If you want to, put a warm hot water bottle under the blanket to simulate the warmth of a mother and siblings. On the first night, they will probably whine a bit, but your puppy will soon get used to their new routine.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will end up with a nice dog that suits you and your family and get him or her settled into your home quickly.

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