Reiki Animal Healing: A Treatment Method You Might Have Not Tried!

It can be a really stressful procedure for me when one or more of your pets get injured or sick and you have no idea how to heal it. This is because animals have weird behaviors and sometimes even all the doctors do, it still takes time for your pet to heal after a disease or sickness. Thus it can be worrying for you if your dog is not responding to you while you call it or your horse needs to participate in a racing competition but would not stand up on its feet. If that is the case, try reiki animal healing and here are some things to know about this method;

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a treatment as originated from the Japanese which makes use of the hands on to or at a slight distance from your pet, which is believed to increase the energy levels of the animal. It is said that when an animal becomes sick or injured, this reduces its energy levels and thus it becomes stressed out and will not respond to your calls, rather will keep staying at one place either sitting or lying in its bed. On the other hand, a healthy animal has high energy levels and thus no stress. In reiki, practitioners make movements of their hands by touching the animals directly to impart energy and often the process takes around 25-30 minutes and is known to work best in cats. Here are some other benefits of this treatment;

Getting rid of animal odd behaviors:

Many a times your dog may exhibit special behavior which can be unusual such as getting scared of small things or running out of the scene for no reason or even not coming to your hands on your call, which may be worrying for you. This may be related to a certain injury in the past or incident which might have caused reduced energy levels of the animal and thus can be reduced or completely healed by reiki. All you need to do is to find a great practitioner who is an expert in reiki and holds a great record of healing animals.

Making your pet love you again:

Pets hold a certain place in your life and you can get upset if your dog is stressed out or not healing. Thus reiki can help make the bond between you and your pet strong.

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