Cute Gifts For New Puppy Parents

We all have a friend who has recently brought home an adorably cute puppy. They are understandably proud of their new fur baby, so any and all gifts are welcome. However, if you are not a pet owner yourself, you may be wondering what to buy your friend’s puppy as a “welcome to your new home” gift. Read on for some great tips!

Puppy Harness

Puppies can be lively, exuberant, and full of beans, especially when they are taken for a walk. Harnesses are far better than collars for walking a puppy. There is a serious danger that an overexcited pup will injure himself when he lunges forward, restrained only by a collar and lead. Smaller breeds, in particular, are vulnerable to neck injuries caused by collars.

A puppy harness is a kinder way to control a puppy and keep him safe in traffic. Harnesses are also much better for stronger breeds such as bull terriers and mastiffs.

LED Collar

Keep your puppy safe at night with an LED collar (or lead/harness). LED collars are available in a range of colors and look very funky after dark. Pedestrians and drivers will see your friend’s pup coming from a block away, so everyone stays safe at night. LED collars are also useful for owners who let their pup out into the backyard at night for a bathroom break.

Cute Sweater

Pups with short coats or more delicate breeds need a bit of extra protection during cold weather. A cute puppy sweater is a great accessory and if you are looking for puppy birthday gifts, this is definitely one to place at the top of your list. Choose a puppy sweater in a suitable color or buy a seasonal sweater with reindeer and snowflakes. You can then look forward to your Instagram feed lighting up with adorable pooch pics!

Kong Toy

It’s a good idea to get a puppy used to being left alone for short periods, as it reduces the likelihood of separation anxiety developing. Most pups fret when left alone, but a Kong Toy filled with tasty treats such as peanut butter will keep an anxious puppy entertained for an hour or so. If your friend’s puppy is the fretful type, a Kong Toy will be most welcome.

Chew Toy

Puppies chew; a lot. It’s only natural, but your friend probably won’t want their new puppy destroying the furniture or any designer shoes. Buy a few plastic and rubber chew toys to give the puppy something more suitable to exercise their chewing tendencies on.

Puppy Training Classes

Nobody loves a naughty puppy, so buy your friend some puppy training classes. They get to educate their puppy on how they should behave in company and you don’t have to spend your visits trying to stop a puppy jumping all over you.

Don’t forget to show up with a pocket full of gravy bones if you want the new puppy to love you forever. Gravy bones aren’t just tasty either – they are also full of goodness!

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