5 Fun Ways To Spoil Your Dog

Everyone loves to pamper their furry friends when budgets allow. The type of behavior that may have gotten sideways glances in public 20 years ago, like dressing your dog up for walk, is now commonplace. We carry our pups in purses, give them their own social media pages, and sometimes treat them more like children than pets.

Are you looking for more ways to spoil your dog? We’ve made a short list of the best and most affordable ways to get that tail wagging.

  1. Cook Them Dinner

Commercial-grade dog food has a lot of limitations, and there are many healthy “human food” alternatives which are more cost effective. For example, a 2-to-1 mix of brown rice and ground beef is a nutritious, healthy meal for dogs, and is even administered by clever owners for upset tummies.

Chicken and broccoli is another simple, cheap option for feeding time. There are plenty of recipes online developed for a canine diet, so surprise your pooch with something new when it’s time for a healthy treat.

  1. Doggie Hotels/Spa

Looking for a way to pamper your pup for the whole day? Doggie hotels and spas were created so pet-parents could leave their dogs for a day, or while on vacation, where they will be catered to and spoiled.

Treatments like nail-trimming, grooming, and dog-massages are more affordable than you think, so next time you go away for the weekend, don’t book your best friend in some dreary kennel. Instead, pay a little extra to have them go on vacation, too.

  1. Form-Fitting Clothes

Some pet-parents already love to dress their dogs in clothes or costumes. While these clothes sometimes serve a purpose, like a sweater to keep your chihuahua warm in the winter, others are just fashion statements.

You may think that our four-legged friends are at best indifferent to dressing up, but did you know that many dogs react favorably to form-fitting clothing? Light, gentle pressure around the dogs’ middle has a calming affect, relieving anxiety and creating a more relaxed animal. This information is used with products like the ThunderShirt, or with treatments like acupuncture, but can be recreated by purchasing well-fitted, non-restrictive clothes for your dog.

  1. Happy Holidays

Dogs love to feel “included” as part of the pack, and that is even more true during exciting social events, like during holidays. While some people may be tempted to lock the dog away during a holiday party, this can add to the stress the dog is feeling to be a part of the group.

Include your dog by allowing him to be social with guests whenever appropriate, giving him presents to open, and letting him sample some of the special food.

  1. Obedience Classes

Dogs want to be part of a pack, and they also have a deep desire for order and direction from their masters. It may be difficult for some people to grasp, but a trained and obedient dog is a happy one who knows what is expected of him.

Not everyone is great at training dogs, so there’s no shame in getting help from experts if your dog needs some discipline. You and your dog will be thrilled with the results.

Time to Spoil Your Best Friend!

Armed with some fresh ideas, it’s time to go pamper your favorite pup. They shower you with unconditional love every day, so it’s about time you returned the favor!


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