How Natural Supplements Can Help Your Dog

Caring pet owners are always looking for ways to keep their best friend in tip-top condition. Modern pet foods offer a carefully balanced diet, with just the right amount of nutrients for puppies, working breeds, and seniors. Dogs, like humans, are not immune to health problems such as arthritis, so it is always worth looking into the benefits of natural dietary supplements and holistic treatments.

All dogs can benefit from the addition of natural products such as Wapiti elk antler supplements. Natural supplements can be added to a dog’s diet in the same way you might take daily vitamins and minerals to boost your health. Supplements are available in powder, liquid, or tablet form. Add them to food, or feed them outside of meal times.

Diet supplements are available from quality pet stores. You will find supplements categorized according to what they do for your dog, which makes it nice and easy to choose the right supplement.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes help pets with tummy problems, such as food intolerances, sensitive stomachs, and digestive upsets. Digestive enzymes help a dog digest his food properly. If your dog’s food doesn’t break down properly, it can cause all kinds of issues, including inflammation, allergies and serious bowel disease. Digestive enzymes are useful for pets on a processed food or raw meat diet.

Joint Supplements

Many dogs suffer with arthritis as they age. You can’t prevent your dog from having joint problems in later life, but careful use of the right dietary supplements will delay the onset of symptoms and keep your dog mobile for longer. Most supplements work the best when given to pets on inadequate diets. Pets eating fresh food and meat tend to benefit less because they are already getting a good mix of essential nutrients.

Essential Fatty Acids

Supplements containing essential Fatty Acids can help support joint health as well as a healthy immune system. Cod liver oil and fish oils are very beneficial in puppies and senior dogs. Taken in conjunction with a broad-spectrum multi vitamin and mineral supplement, they should help your dog stay in good health for longer.

Natural Anxiety Treatments

Natural remedies can be used to treat dogs suffering from anxiety, which is common in pets left alone for long periods of time. Rescue Remedy is a natural treatment made from herb and flower extracts. You can add it to your pet’s water bowel, or put a drop in your dog’s food. This, used in conjunction with holistic remedies such as calming music and relaxing massages, is very effective in calming down anxious dogs.

Seasonal Allergies

Dogs are just as prone to allergies as humans are. Allergies are an immune reaction to a particular stimulus, for example pollen. Natural supplements that calm the immune response and ease the symptoms can make a huge difference to an affected pet. Coconut oil, Bromelain and Quercetin are three useful supplements for dogs suffering from allergies.

If your dog is on medication, always check with your vet before trying natural supplements.

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