Five Tips For Buying The Best Doghouse

Even though your dog may spend most of his or her time indoors when you’re at home, you may still want to purchase a doghouse for when you’re gone for the day. It will provide him or her with a shaded place to lay down out of the dirt and shelter if it should suddenly rain. These tips can help ensure that you buy the perfect doghouse for your pet.

Research Breed

If you have a puppy, you will want to find out the average size for his or her breed before shopping for a doghouse. The doghouse should stand about 25% higher than your dog’s height so that he or she has plenty of room to stand up and turn around. The entrance should be about 75% of his or her shoulder height and it should be long enough for him or her to stretch out in it. By finding out the average height for your puppy’s breed, you can start shopping for a doghouse that he or she will fit in as an adult.

Limit Exposure

If you live where the climate is extreme, you should purchase a doghouse that will protect him or her from the weather. As long as he or she can stretch out, he or she should be comfortable when it’s hot outside. Make sure the doghouse is ventilated so air can circulate through it and consider adding a way to cool it down if it gets extremely hot and you’re not home to take your dog inside the house.

Select a Durable Material

The material for the doghouse should be durable so that it can stand up to all types of weather. Doghouses are available in plastic, wood, and metal, with wood being the most durable for an outdoor dog. Metal shelters are usually for transporting your dog. Plastic is fine if you’re on a budget, but plastic tends to absorb temperatures so it can be uncomfortable for your outside pet on hot days.

Consider Custom-Designed

If you have the budget for it, consider a custom-designed doghouse for your furry friend. You can have it built with features such as a side porch and an indoor shelter, add air conditioning if he or she is going to be an outdoor-only dog, and have it made for his or her size.

Adding Bedding

While having a dog bed or blanket will make your pet more comfortable in his or her home, you want to choose bedding that is not susceptible to mould, mildew, and pest infestations. Cedar wood chips are a good alternative to cloth bedding and their oils will help keep fleas and ticks away. However, since some dogs can be allergic to the oils, you could also use moisture-proof foam padding because fleas cannot nest in it.

If you have an adult dog, you can measure his or her height to make sure you buy a doghouse that he or she fits in. When it’s installed, raise it off the ground so moisture doesn’t rot the bottom of it and so air can circulate beneath it. It will also help to keep pests out of the home when he or she is not using it.

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