Sick Pet: What Can CBD Oil Do?

If you have a sick dog that is not getting any better, you may want to think about some alternative forms of treatment. And even if your dog does not have a specific condition, but they are feeling unusual or not acting normally, you may want to think about some herbal remedies to help your pet. Some of these herbal remedies are as effective, if not more, on dogs as they are on humans. And one of the remedies that we are going to talk about is the CBD oil that we obtain from cannabis.

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Understanding Leptospirosis

eptospirosis in Pets and Companion Animals

Leptospirosis is a somewhat common but serious infection caused by bacteria. One of the most serious aspects of a leptospirosis infection is the fact that it can be passed from pet to pet, and from pet to human.

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Reiki Animal Healing: A Treatment Method You Might Have Not Tried!

It can be a really stressful procedure for me when one or more of your pets get injured or sick and you have no idea how to heal it. This is because animals have weird behaviors and sometimes even all the doctors do, it still takes time for your pet to heal after a disease or sickness. Thus it can be worrying for you if your dog is not responding to you while you call it or your horse needs to participate in a racing competition but would not stand up on its feet. If that is the case, try reiki animal healing and here are some things to know about this method;

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