Five Christmas Presents To Consider For Your Horse

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, you will likely be thinking about all of the lovely presents you want to buy for those you hold dearest to you. For many people in the UK, this includes friends, family, and of course a pet! There is no reason not to buy a gift for your dog, cat, or even your horse. As a nation, we love our pets and want to show this the whole year round; Christmas is just an excuse to get something extra special.

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The Jet Set Pony: How To Prepare For Equine Transportation

Whilst you expect to find horses and ponies snug at home in their cosy little stables or leisurely grazing in their paddock, the very nature of equine breeds and the purposes they are used for require them to be mobile, nationally and internationally. Whilst international transportation of horses, donkeys or any equine breed is widely accepted as a colossal task, subject to many legal stipulations and necessary preparations, it is not the only occasion that requires careful consideration as far as a horse’s welfare and travel logistics are concerned.

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Den Haus Furniture For Your Loved Pets

These days there is a raging trend for luxury dog furniture and bedding for felines. There are numerous designers who are choosing to design this range for your lovable pets. Now it’s more than just an ordinary looking wicker basket for your doggy. Dog owners want only the best for their babies and hence the revolution for dog beds, baskets and rugs has finally taken place. And we all know that we love to spoil our pet’s silly.

Here at we have a wide and a splendid range of dog furniture and accessories to choose from. You can also visit us to check out our online shopping website for your pooch. And we can be certain there is something for everyone. There is a wide selection of beds, baskets, crates and bowls to choose from. Gone are the days when you would feel ashamed of not having pretty items for your pet. So make sure that you get the best only.

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