Properly Feeding Your Pitbull To Ensure Good Health

Feeding Your Pitbull To Ensure Good Health

Feeding your pitbull properly will keep it look healthy and help it avoid common health issues such as joint problems. A pitbull is an active dog which requires plenty of exercise. An overweight pitbull will experience extra strain on its body and internal system that can result in serious issues. Meanwhile, an underweight pitbull can become ill because of an unbalanced diet.

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How Natural Supplements Can Help Your Dog


Caring pet owners are always looking for ways to keep their best friend in tip-top condition. Modern pet foods offer a carefully balanced diet, with just the right amount of nutrients for puppies, working breeds, and seniors. Dogs, like humans, are not immune to health problems such as arthritis, so it is always worth looking into the benefits of natural dietary supplements and holistic treatments.

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Understanding Leptospirosis


eptospirosis in Pets and Companion Animals

Leptospirosis is a somewhat common but serious infection caused by bacteria. One of the most serious aspects of a leptospirosis infection is the fact that it can be passed from pet to pet, and from pet to human.

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Five Tips For Buying The Best Doghouse

Buying The Best Doghouse

Even though your dog may spend most of his or her time indoors when you’re at home, you may still want to purchase a doghouse for when you’re gone for the day. It will provide him or her with a shaded place to lay down out of the dirt and shelter if it should suddenly rain. These tips can help ensure that you buy the perfect doghouse for your pet.

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